Thursday, December 31

My Year In Pictures 2015

From Top Left

  • In January we had a lovely meal out at Jamie's Italian in Aberdeen.
  • Scott and I off out for a day shopping (always forcing him to take a selfie).
  • I updated my blogs layout in January too - feels like I just did it.
  • This year I spend my first valentine's day with Scott.
  • I went to see 'Three Men in a Boat' with my parents at the Dundee REP.
  • We went to Glasgow in March for a night out for a friends birthday.
  • Photos of a once in a lifetime event - the eclips. 
  • I designed my first website from scratch for a university project.
  • We took a trip on the steam train as part of our family holiday in Aviemore.
  • I upgraded my phone to the beautiful Moto G in April - still in love with it.
  • Another delicious meal out - this salad was to die for.
  • I voted in my first general election - not happy with the result but I took part so I have the right to complain.

From Top Left

  • To finish off my first year at university I went to see Wicked in Aberdeen - wow!
  • Baby Sophie was born at the end of May - the newest addition to the family. 
  • Scott and I jetted off on our first holiday together and my first foreign holiday in years. Tenerife will always have a special place in my heart.
  • We moved into our first proper student flat - with alot of hassle too.
  • My third year at T in the Park - watching Lawson.
  • Do you like my bright yellow rain coat?
  • This year I got to work with George at Asda which was pretty cool.
  • I also started driving lessons this summer which is very exciting.
  • Mum and I spent a couple of day in Aberdeen repainting my new bedroom is July. 
  • I went to see Aberdeen's first footie game of the season - I haven't been to a match since though.
  • I passed my driving theory test.
  • I also went to the Cortachy Highland Games with my Mum, Dad and Grandma.

From Top Left

  • Scott and I booked our second holiday - we are going to Orlando next June and I can't quite believe it!
  • Loch Brandy at the end of the summer - Scott and I took the walk up and it was great.
  • Packed up and ready to go back to Aberdeen for second year at university.
  • We had lunch at Mother India Cafe was delicious - I can't wait to go back.
  • Scott and I went to see Kevin Bridges and it was hilarious. 
  • Scotland did the whole of the country proud in the rugby world cup this year. 
  • We have tickets to see Noel Gallagher in Aberdeen in April.
  • Halloween this year was a lot of fun - I went as Robin Hood.
  • The fireworks in the rain on Guy Fawkes night in Aberdeen.
  • Scott and I putting up the Christmas tree for the second year.

It is so lovely to look back at 2015 and see that I managed my little goals. Even though 2015 wasn't as life changing as 2014, however, it will was still a good one. Not a lot has changed this year - Scott and I are just as happy, university is still enjoyable and our first holiday was the best experience. Baring all that in mind I have a couple of little goals for 2016:

  • Probably my biggest goal is passing my driving test. I don't want to be learning forever and after a successful driving lesson this morning I think it is more than achievable.
  • Early in the year I want to have a huge clear out - there is so much stuff in my bedroom it never feels tidy.
  • I would like to find a way of keeping fit that I enjoy and stick to it.
  • I would like to start a 'A Five-Year Memory Book' and write in it everyday.

As for my blog I am really happy with the way it is growing. My following hasn't increased the way I would like however that is maybe just the changing face of blogging. I've also not managed to meet other bloggers and attend events. I have been invited but have always found a reason I can't go. So for in blog is 2016 I would like to:
  • Meet other bloggers and push myself to attend events in Aberdeen.
  • Keep promoting my blog in different ways and hopefully see the results in terms of page views and engagement. 

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Tuesday, December 29

2015 in Fifteen Outfits

This year I had 34 outfit posts to look through before picking my favourites. I can't believe January's outfits feel like just yesterday. Most of the outfits in this post I've worn several times throughout the year or are special to me for another reason. So grab a cuppa and enjoy looking back at my 2015 in fifteen outfits...

My New Floral Skater Dress | The Perfect Sparkly Black Dress | A 70s Inspired Jumpsuit
I knew when I put this dress on I would want to wear it constantly. It is my 'go to' dress for a comfy day or when I need to look a little more dressed up. Not to mention that shape looks really great on me!

I don't need to say much more about my Blue Vanilla dress other than it is perfect. It was my 20th Birthday outfit and layer with a cream blouse it was my Christmas day outfit this year too.

I've still not worn this jumpsuit but I do look at it in my wardrobe a lot. The first formal, long dress event I am going to it will be coming out. 

A Mint Green Skater Dress | Casual Breton Stripe TopMy Favourite Butterfly Print Dress
I was blown away by all your lovely comments on this cute spring outfit - being compared to Belle is never an insult. I didn't find a good way to style this dress for autumn/winter so I'm excited for spring so I can wear it again.

A pretty casual outfit but again one I wore a lot over spring and summer. Fat Face is always a winner for me and I fell in love with these New Look sandals. 

Again another dress that was barely off during summer - butterflies are such a summery animal and this dress is so easy to style.

Holiday Outfit Diary | Patterned Joggers and a Denim Shirt | Bright Orange Leaf Print
I choose this outfit to represent my holiday style this year - not because it is an amazing outfit but because the first holiday with my boyfriend will always be really special to me. Since we missed out on summer this year it was great to wear my lighter clothes for a week.

I was really pleased with this little combination - patterned trousers were everywhere this year and I love the pair I choose. I repeated this outfit over and over again.

This year I got to work with George at Asda and this is one of the looks I styled for them. This top is really good quality and even after several washes still so soft.

A Casual Concertina Pleated Skirt | An Amazing Sale Find | A New Fat Face Outfit
My second collaboration with Blue Vanilla happened at the end of the summer and I really like this skirt - I've just not chosen where to wear it too yet. That really needs to change so any suggestions welcome. 

I found this dress in the sale and fell in love with its shape. Hopefully there will be plenty of occasions to wear it too this coming spring/summer. 

A bargain outfit found in the local charity shop. Again it is Fat Face so the quality is all there and I think it looks great too.

A Very Fashionable Dress | An Awesome Green Fox Print Dress | A Late Christmas Jumper Day Outfit
Still so in love with this brick orange dress - everyone seems to have a variation on this faux suede dress this year but I still love it. The pinafore style is super versatile too. 

Another new dress I've totally fallen for - you can't really beat a cute animal print and the colour looks great with my hair.

To finish off I've got a suitable festive look for you from last week. My lovely Christmas jumper from Debenhams. Looking forward to next Christmas already so I can wear it again.

If you want to know where any of these pieces are from just click the link below the picture to be taken to the original post.

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Monday, December 28

Celebrating Christmas 2015

I think coming home for Christmas is even better when you're at university. At the end of term you're fed up of revision, exams and the constant goings on so some much needed R&R at home is necessary. Home is the best place to spend Christmas in my mind because of all the wonderful decorations, coal fires and of course that's where your family are.  

Christmas isn't always perfect, however, no matter how much pressure I might put on it. This year has been one of the best in a long long time though. Mostly because my family didn't fight about anything, everyone loved their presents and it was the first Christmas for my baby cousin. 

Mum and Dad's food was spot on - we had a roasted red pepper soup, smokie and leek tart, turkey with all the trimmings and then to finish off I made a caramelized clementine cake. 

The last photo in this post is probably one of my favourites things about the festive season at home. As you leave my bedroom upstairs you can see the Christmas tree reflected in the mirror giving the hall a lovely warm glow. It will always remind me of the excitement of waiting for Santa. 

I wanted to keep this post fairly short and just share some of the snaps I took of the house this year. I also have lots of family pictures I can't wait to scrapbook with in the new year.

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Sunday, December 27

My week in pictures #151

(From top left) My gorgeous Christmas jumper with sparkly robins. Scott and Is second annual selfie with the Christmas tree. Somehow I managed to make Christmas cards for all my family fairly last minute. Baby Sophie and I on Christmas Day. One of the best things I got this Christmas was these photos from our family holiday last Easter from my cousins. Last night we watched 'What We Did on Our Holiday' which made me both laugh and cry! 
The days before and after Christmas always pass in a bit of a blur and even though it is less than a week ago it is difficult to remember what I did. On Monday we headed out to do some Christmas shopping in St. Andrews which wasn't very successful so we headed back to the Dundee Contemporary Arts for lunch. I wore my Christmas jumper all day though so it was still festive. Tuesday was pretty quiet at home - all I really did was make some Christmas cards, organise my room and my brother came back from university. 

On Wednesday I had my hair cut for the first time in 6 months. Although it felt shorter at first it also feels much softer and is alot less tuggy. I had the house to myself in the afternoon so hoovered and mopped our two big sitting rooms and also found the time to make Scott's mum a present and also start the gift tags for my gifts. Scott then picked me up and we went to his - we took a selfie with the Christmas tree, made fajitas and best of all we watched the apprentice final without finding out who won! Even though Scott didn't have work the next day I still crashed pretty early. I feel like I've been fighting the cold recently which is making me very very tired all the time. 

Christmas eve is always spent in a similar way at home - we add finishing touches to the decorations, clean the whole house then sit down to our dim sums for dinner. Sadly all this took so long we didn't have time for Polar Express. 

Then Christmas day itself was perfect even though I woke up really feeling my cold. I put a lot of pressure on the one day to be flawless and a lot of the time it cannot match up to what is in my head but this year it did. I was truly spoilt, got lots of cuddles with my baby cousin, we didn't fall out at all and Christmas dinner was gorgeous. I have another post with some photos planned for tomorrow though. Boxing day was lazy - made even more so by the rain which kept us inside all day. I stayed in my jammies most of the day then had a Lush bath before our second Christmas dinner. We watched a film then later mum and I caught up with the Strictly Christmas special.

Today hasn't been quite as lazy - I got up and did a little tidying in the other living room. I actually put up our little tree too (after Christmas is appalling I know) because the big tree is in the other room and it made me sad to be in such an unchristmasy room. After taking the dogs for a walk in the sunshine I spent the afternoon putting together this weeks blog posts. 

I hope everyone reading this had a very Merry Christmas - so thankful for every one of you who has stuck around this year!

This week on G is for Gingers: A Slightly Late Christmas Jumper Day Outfit

Tuesday, December 22

A Slightly Late Christmas Jumper Day Outfit

Jumper: Debenhams* | Skirt: New Look | Shoes: F&F
When Debenhams got in touch to ask if I would like a Christmas jumper for 'Christmas Jumper Day' on Friday I got so excited. I love all things festive but have never owned a Christmas Jumper so I was really looking forward to seeing what arrived. This jumper is so me - quite simple and easy to wear but the sparkly robins are super cute. The knitwear is so soft too and I feel all cosy. 

Sadly, however, the jumper didn't arrive until Saturday evening so I wasn't able to wear it on Friday and these photos are a little late. This was no fault of Debenhams though - my family home is just notoriously difficult to find for courier drivers. I did get to wear it yesterday though for a day of festive Christmas shopping with my parents in St. Andrews then a late lunch at the restaurant in the Dundee Contemporary Arts. It is somewhere I've been frequently since it opened and still love - their chilli nachos are delicious and so huge.

As if this outfit wasn't festive enough I paired with with this bright red skirt and velvet shoes with lovely bows. You can't really see my earing too well in these photos but they are snowmen from Accessorize. It is actually quite similar to an outfit I wore with my festive t-shirt from Primark which you can see here. Since there is only two more day until Christmas I plan to get lots of wear from this jumper - I will probably wear it in between Christmas and New Year too. 

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Monday, December 21

My week in pictures #150

I arrived home on Monday to this gift from Access All Asos* - isn't it cool? We watched the Grinch on Monday too with lots and lots of party food and friends. Gifts from my flatmate as part of our 'one pound gift challenge'. Scott and I watched Elf on Friday night - it isn't Christmas without Elf. I made some extremely tasty Christmas biscuits on Sunday (you can see how they turned out on my Instagram). Finally I made apple and cheese tarts which I've not tried yet but they look impressive. 

Waking up in Scott's house on Monday morning felt so good - I didn't have loads to do so I was able to have a chilled morning with my laptop in bed, have a shower and do some tidying before heading back to Aberdeen. Our plan was to buy lots of party food, invite friends over and watch a Christmas film. It was our last chance before everyone started heading home for Christmas. We decided to watch the Grinch which I love then the new Cinderella which I'm not sure I loved that much.

On Tuesday I tried to finish my Christmas shopping but annoyingly TK Maxx didn't have the last little bit for Scott's package. I did buy wrapping paper and the things I needed for my one pound gift challenge post. 

My parents were coming to get me on Thursday so Wednesday was mostly spent cleaning. My flatmate also went home so I was on my own - there was plenty rubbish to take out, recycling to do and cleaning to finish so I didn't get bored. I spent the rest of the night watching Kirstie's homemade Christmas and wrapping my presents. Scott came round after his work Christmas party so I wasn't alone all night. By the time I arrived home on Thursday I was pretty shattered and happy to be home. 

Friday was spent the opposite way - unpacking! I managed most of it though so I went to Scott's on Friday evening. We had even more party food and watched Elf. I was back home in plenty time for the strictly come dancing final. In the end I actually didn't care who won because they all deserved it but I think Georgia was my favourite. Sunday was a relaxed day at home - more tidying and decorating for Christmas. I also made apple and cheese tarts then made spiced biscuits to decorate. A good Sunday to finish off a good week!

This week I also wrote a guest post for the Scot Bloggers blog - you can read my Five Christmas Party Looks here.

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This week on G is for Gingers: The One Pound Gift Challange with Her Pretty State of Mind

Wednesday, December 16

The One Pound Gift Challange with Her Pretty State of Mind

So the idea behind this post was simple - finding five gifts for one pound. I've seen a few people do it on youtube and wanted to give it ago too. I persuaded my flatmate to take part as well so it would be more fun - she has a blog too at Her Pretty State of Mind. I have always been a big fan of shops like poundland, poundworld, B&Ms and home bargains and wondered if I could do all my Christmas shopping in there. Hopefully this post will give you ideas if you are on a very tight budget or even if you just need a couple of extra stocking fillers. You might notice although the plan was to buy five gifts I bought six... I only noticed after I had taken the pictures and was wrapping them. That just sums me up really. 

Mug: Poundworld | Washi Tape: Staples | Candle: Primark | Socks: Poundworld | Maltesers: Poundworld | Sign: B&Ms
Buying for Eilidh wasn't to tricky - living with someone you know just what they like. Not only does she love mugs (she has way too many) but this one is perfectly her! I'm always getting up to make the tea in the evenings. She has been talking about washi tape and I noticed staples had a large variety for only £1 so I picked that up too. Candles are a blogger cliche and I think Primark do some great ones and their little jar are also only £1. Their bigger jars are also great value for money at £4 so you might want to think about picking those up too. 

I couldn't resist these cute elf socks which are super soft and perfect for Christmas morning. This sign also sums Eilidh up and I thought it would go really well in the neutral tones of her room. Finally it wouldn't be Christmas without some chocolate and Maltesers taste better from a box don't they?

I hope you enjoyed this little festive post. Eilidh will be blogging about what she got me over on Her Pretty State of Mind so check that out too. She did a really good job! 

My mum and dad are coming to get me tomorrow so I'm going to be spending the rest of today cleaning the flat and wrapping presents. I can't wait to be home and spending time with my family. Incase you havn't already seen it I also posted a Christmas Wishlist a couple of weeks ago.

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Monday, December 14

My week in pictures #149

(From top left) Christmas bedding as a treat - it has polar bears on it to match my polar bear friend. A bobbin burger as a treat for finishing my exams on Thursday (and a cheeky cider). Post-exam night out selfie. Scott sent me this on Thursday lunch time and I was so sure I wanted to go I was awake at 8am waiting for the tickets to go on sale on Friday morning. Scott and I put the christmas tree up - you can see what it looks like on my Instagram but I feel so festive. Steak pie and chips was a dream for Sunday night tea (I can't even tell you how good it was).

I knew this week would be stressful but actually as each exam passed I felt more calm. I can never tell how my exams have gone though because I focus on the questions I didn't really get.

Scott came round on Wednesday for some much needed R&R. Poor boy wasn't feeling well so I made tea and we were asleep pretty early. He is always so healthy it isn't nice to see him looking so poorly. 

On Thursday at 11am my exams were finally over! We headed to the pub straight away and spent a couple of hours there chilling and having a few drinks. After that though we headed back to the flat and I watched two Christmas movies while lying on the sofa. It felt so good to be doing nothing guilt free. We then headed out in the evening - that was another adventure I'd rather not dwell on here. I didn't sleep that much because I was so determined not to miss the stereophonics tickets. Turns out they sold out in about 15 minutes so I was very lucky. I locked myself out of my banking to so it was so fortunate I had another card!

On Friday I pushed myself to go to a friends party - even though I didn't really know anyone there I still had a nice time. Meeting new people makes me so nervous though I only stayed a few hours. Saturday was the day I was really excited about though - I love spending the weekend at my boyfriend's flat. We went to the pub for a few hours in the afternoon with this folks then back to cook tea and watch TV. Waking up on Sunday morning not hungover was bliss so we got to spend the day together. We put up the Christmas tree, make steak pie and watched Toy Story. No wonder I woke up feeling so happy and well rested this morning. 

There hasn't been any new posts on G is for Gingers this week because of my exams but you should check out my festive posts from a couple of years ago. How We Decorate Our Christmas Tree and Celebrating Christmas.

Monday, December 7

My week in pictures #148

(From top left) The Christmas decorations in the flat are subtle this year because we are going home a week before Christmas. I found an advent calendar last minute on Tuesday evening. Leaving the library in the wind and dark isn't very much fun... Scott is home from Baku and brought me this bear in a lovely fluffy gilet.
When I write this post next week all my exams will be over!! That is both an exciting and a terrifying thought. This week had been one of studying and feeling guilty for not studying. I made up for it though when I spent 9 and a half hours working in the library on Friday.

On Tuesday I had a majorly lazy day - in the morning I went on a quest to find an advent calendar and bought a few little Christmas decorations. Then in the afternoon I did jobs round the house, a little bit of studying then found an excuse to go out again to definitely find an advent calendar which I did. Scott was away in Baku all week working so we didn't even get our normal Wednesday night in together so instead I caught up with I'm a celeb with my flatmate. Hopefully we will have time to watch the final tonight before I find out who won...

After a long tough week and three and a half hours in the library on Saturday morning I decided it was time for a treat. So we went to grub for lunch where I had a yummy peanut butter, sweet chilli chicken and cheese panini. We then went to TK Maxx and B&Ms for a little shopping. 

Sunday finally came round which was the day I had been excited for all week! Scott was back and we were going out for dinner. We did a little shopping first and a walk round the christmas market then went to Cosmo which is an all you can eat buffet in Aberdeen. We stuffed ourselves and ended up going to bed before 8pm and we were probably asleep before 9pm. The best way to start a really tough week of exams. 

This week on G is for Gingers: Wednesday Wishes and Wants (The Christmas Edit)

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Wednesday, December 2

Wednesday Wishes and Wants (The Christmas Edit)

Lounge Top | Hand Mixer Document Holder | Portable Hard Drive | Key Orgy Keyring
I've never done a 'Christmas Wishlist' post before because I've not actually made a Christmas list in a very very long time. However this year I'm pretty skint at uni so have come up with a couple of small things I would like from my parents. I love my mum but she isn't great at Christmas presents... as soon as santa wasn't a thing anymore I don't normally get a present wrapped under the Christmas tree on Christmas day. My parents are generous people though and by me things all through the year so I don't have anything to complain about.

This year however I've asked for some sort of appliance to help with my baking - not necessarily this hand mixer but something similar. I have a wide range of things at home but the trouble is my parents aren't willing to let them go so now I'm living away from home I want to collect some things of my own. I've also asked for another hard drive because I'm really starting to worry about the one I currently own. All my photos (both blogging and personal) are stored there and it would be devastating with something was to go wrong. It is also a little to small for my current needs and digital storage has advanced so much over the years that I could get so much more for my money. I spotted this cosy jumper in my local tesco and I'm really hoping santa will be able to pop in on his way past and get it for me. I just adore jumpers that are made to go with your jammies... enough said really.

The final two are cute little things I've had my eye on myself and to be honest will probably be bought with Christmas money. The Key Orgy keyring might not appeal to everyone but it would make me chuckle every day. Since our holiday to Tenerife and booking Orlando for next June I've got a bit of a travel bug. This wallet would be great for my bit and bobs and a helpful reminder that 'foreign money is not pretend money' can never go amiss.

There are a couple of other things I would love to be able to pick up. This Awesome Drawersome set from Zoella beauty. I have been meaning to try out her products and the fact you get to keep with drawers really appeals to me. 

Also what do you think of my new Christmas banner?

If you want to see more I also blogged about What I Got For Christmas 2014 and What I Got For Christmas 2013.