Tuesday, February 28

Learning to Style a Leather Jacket

Top: Next | Skirt: Next | Jacket: Ci Sono via TK Maxx | Boots: Marco Tozzi
I shared this leather jacket on Instagram when I first got it because I was so pleased. I picked it up in TK Maxx for just £13 after missing out on it a whole year earlier. Normally people describe my outfits as 'cute' so I wanted to add another dimension to my wardrobe. I think a good leather jacket would be perfect to style with dresses and nice blouses. It will probably become my go to outfit for going on a night out too. 

The next jumper was a bargain in a charity shops so long ago now and it is hardly ever out of my washing basket. It goes great with denim but instead of wearing it with my levis this time I choose my button up skirt also from Next. 

Too keep my outfit girly (which is important to me) I put on my Marco Tozzi boots. This pair are getting very thin on the sole so I think I might have to rebuy them before they aren't available anymore. I've never done that before but I just wouldn't bare to live without them now. 

What do you think of my new jacket? How would you style it?

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Monday, February 27

My week in pictures #211

(From top left) I made teriyaki chicken on Monday night follow a video from the Tasty facebook page. The uni buildings in the low sunlight on Wednesday. There was a present left on my bed for me when I got back home on Friday. I watched Scotland's fantastic win against Wales in the rugby on the TV on Saturday. My two boys waiting for the treat I'm bribing them with. Today we went for a pizza at pizzaexpress on Sunday afternoon.  
Monday was an early start but I got back to my flat in time to unpack for my 11am class. My week wasn't overly busy so it left some time to catch up on work and of course go to the gym. I made dinner on Monday for my flatmate and I following one of Tasty's recipes and it was so good and so easy. 

Wednesday was full on with a Zumba at lunch time, followed by some time in class working on an assessment then going to meet Scott to do a food shop. We made mac and cheese for tea and watched telly in bed. Thursday is another busy day with uni in the morning, lunch on campus then the gym meaning I didn't get back til 3pm feeling very unmotivated to work. 

Finally the weekend arrived after class finished at half 12 on Friday. I practically ran to the flat to have lunch, do my dishes and pack before going to meet Scott. It feels like I haven't been home to my Mum, Dad and dogs in months. When I got home I found my parents had bought me Jamie's 15 Minute Meals which I've wanted for ages. I spent the rest of the evening looking through it for new recipes.

Mum and I headed to town on Saturday morning to do some shopping and a browse in the charity shops but no bargains were to be found. We got home just in time for the rugby to see Scotlands phenomenal win against Wales. I'm forever wishing I could go to Murray Field but the tickets are so expensive. 

On Sunday mum and dad had decided to head to St. Andrews for the day. It was pouring with rain but still we had a look in the shops and shopped for a pizza at Pizza Express for lunch. Again I didn't see anything to buy but this can only be a good thing for my bank account. Once we got home I light the fire and we just relaxed ahead of a new week. 

This week I also updated my profile picture on the blog and across my social media too. Don't forget to say hi if you see me on Twitter or Instagram.

This week on G is for Gingers: Styling Brantano Ankle Boots

Wednesday, February 22

Styling Brantano Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a staple in my shoe collection - I have a couple of pairs that I wear throughout autumn, winter and spring too. I get very cold feet easily so I like my boots to be quality and big enough to fit a pair of cosy socks too. When Brantano got in touch I had a browse through their selection and choose two pairs of ankle boots to style for the transition into spring.

My first look feature these sturdy looking Clark's low ankle boots which I though would go perfectly with the equally practical Fat Face dungarees. I had a pair when I was younger and lately have been wanting another pair. Embroidery is going to be big this season and I'll happily jump on the bandwagon with this tunic style top from F&F at tesco which would layer perfectly. Finally I thought this big beach bag would finish the outfit off perfectly matching the white and blue of the tunic and the brown of the boots.
1. New Look Black Leather-Look Biker Jacket | 2. Oasis Daisy Print Dress | 3. Parfois Suede Cross Bag | 4. Rocket Dog Dannis
I spotted this Oasis dress on their Instagram and fell for the ditsy floral print - it would be perfect in my wardrobe. To keep things cosy I paired it when these blue Rocket Dog ankle boots again from Brantano. I recently bought a leather jacket (not this one) and think it would be perfect to add a bit of edge to a girly outfit. Finally to lighten the colour pallet and make me more ready for spring I found this pretty yellow bag in Debenhams. I could imagine myself wearing this type of outfit a lot and I'm sure these boots would be comfy all day.  

This post was written in collaboration with 
Brantano but love of ankle boots 
and styling is all my own.

Sunday, February 19

My week in pictures #210

(From top left) An early start in the library on Monday morning. Watched Aberdeen beat Motherwell 7-2 at pittodrie on Wednesday night. My flatmate and I finished the first season of Daredevil on Thursday night. Spent an hour and a half of my life making this topographic model on Friday afternoon.
My week started early with a trip to the library as it was opening on Monday morning. I hadn't finished work that had to be submitted at half 10 - after two and a half of rushing I got it finished in time... only to find out later the deadline was 1pm!

I do the same thing almost every week with a trip to the gym on Tuesday and Zuma on Wednesday. I managed to fit in some uni work - I spent way too much time browsing pinterest for printables for my filofax and getting them to print on my printer. On Wednesday afternoon I made lasagna so it was ready to go in the oven when Scott and I got back from Pittodrie. Amazingly it wasn't freezing cold and the nine goals we saw definitely made it worthwhile. 

Thursday and Friday are both pretty busy days uniwise but that doesn't mean I didn't have time to finishing watching Daredevil in the evening. I'm slightly more into the DC Comic TV shows at the moment but I really enjoyed daredevil... much better than Luke Cage anyway. 

I find the motivation from somewhere to go the gym early on Friday morning before class - not something I'll make a habit of but I felt good. By the time 6pm on Friday came round I was dying for a pint and luckily for me Scott and some of his work friends were in town so I went to meet them. After plenty of drinks and pizza we crashed in the hotel room in the center Scott has booked for the night.

We did a lot of walking on Saturday morning - first back to my flat to get some thing for a weekend then back into town to get the train to Scott's. Thanks to slight hangovers and lack of sleep we spent the rest of the day in front of the TV. 

Scott's Dad gave us a whole lobster and Scott made a delicious curry for dinner. We were going to try and start 'Billions' but Scott fell asleep in the first twenty minutes so we watched supervet and got an early night instead. 

Today has been a great lazy Sunday, we went out for food then watched the football on the TV, I've also made a chocolate tart and been for a walk down past the beach. It has been both lazy and productive. My boyfriend also just bought a dishwasher so thats exciting! Can you tell I'm growing up...

This week on G is for Gingers: Spectra - Aberdeen's Festival of Light


Wednesday, February 15

Spectra - Aberdeen's Festival of Light 2017

On Friday night my flatmate, Eilidh, and I headed into the city center too see Aberdeen's festival of light. I believe Spectra was held last year too but I missed out because I went home for the weekend so I was determined not to miss it again. After dinner at Handmade Burger Co. we headed to the first location in Union Terrace Gardens.

Like alot of people I was attracted to the festival by the beautiful cloud of lightbulbs on all the posters and news articles. I didn't disappoint in the darkness - 6,000 light bulbs formed an interactive sculpture in a cloud of light.

Also in Union Terrace Gardens was Pa-Boom's 'Hot Heads' which were one of my favourite installations of the night. There is something mesmerizingly beautiful about fire and the head coming off them were impressive.

The 'Wave Garden' was another mesmerizing sculpture made from ribbons (I think) blowing in the wind in beautiful patterns.

From my fellow Aberdeen bloggers Insta stories I knew the next location, Nicholas Kirk, was a must see. Les Araignees did not disappoint and along with the music and location they were delightfully creepy. If it wasn't so cold I could have watched the spiders 'run' about the graveyard for ages.

We were pretty cold by the time we reached Marischal College but we stopped for a look round anyway. I was very impressed by projections onto Mitchell Hall displaying some of the stories of Aberdeen.

Annoyingly it started to snow and our bus was close so we missed out on the 'Laser Light Synths' on the front of Marischal College but it looked like alot of fun.

With 27 installation over 4 locations in the city center there was plenty to see and take in. Overall I had a really enjoyable hour or so wandering round. I also had fun playing with my camera, something I rarely get to do, and trying to take the best possible photos in the pitch dark.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my post even if you couldn't get down to see the event, it only lasted the one weekend, and if Aberdeen do something similar next year I'll definitely be back!

For more information on any of the artwork checkout Spectra's website.

Monday, February 13

My week in pictures #209

(From top left) Homemade Jambalaya for tea on Monday - it just reminds me of my mum. Mademade Burger Co. for tea on Friday before going to the Spectra festival. Lifting the kettlebells on Saturday morning at the gym - I felt strong. Scott and I's snowy walk up in the cairngorms. Out for tea on Saturday calls for a selfie. I was gutted Scotland didn't get to snatch a win against France on Sunday afternoon. 
I woke up early at Scott's on Monday morning and was back in my flat at 9am ready to start the week. Monday was going well until I went to B&M without my handbag... and couldn't remember where I left it (spoiler it was on the sofa in my flat).

The start of the week passed quickly, avoiding doing uni work, going to the gym (in the pouring rain) and going to class. I didn't book zumba quick enough so I walked into town to meet Scott instead. We made chilli and nachos for tea before finish watching this series of Silent Witness. 

Thursday is a busy day at uni so I was on the go early and thankfully finished by 1pm so I got to get home to finish uni work. Instead of getting stressed about getting it finished that night we got an email extension. I did still try to get most of it finished before relaxing in front of the TV to watch daredevil. 

On Friday, after uni and swimming, my flatmate and I headed into town. First we went to Handmade Burger Co. for dinner - my mexican burger was delicious - before going to see Aberdeen's Spectra festival of light. I won't say to much about it here but we spent a great hour and a half wandering round looking at the installations. 

Saturday didn't start as early as I would have liked but I managed to get to the gym before Scott arrived. We went to Strathdon in the cairngorms for a walk in the snow. We've not been on a trip like that in ages so it was lovely. The big tea we had at the Harvester later was well deserved. Obviously we were very sleepy afterwards. 

After a late start on Sunday we had sausages for breakfast we walked to the shops and had a browse in Currys and Next before getting some food and walking back in time for the rugby. I was so disappointed Scotland didn't get a win but it was a great game! Scott and I finished the weekend with Pizza from Papa John's.

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Thursday, February 9

Student Bedroom Tour

I published my first bedroom tour post back in May 2014 and my bedroom at home is more or less untouched so when I go back it really does feel like home. Since then though I have lived in student halls in Aberdeen, I still regret not getting round to doing a room tour there, and for the past year and a half I've had my own flat near the uni with my flatmate Eilidh. I (naively) thought I could get a room tour published in the first few months of living here but it never happened. 

Recently I finished my gallery wall so I felt like it was finally ready. It took a little of time to make this place feel like home, and although it is still just a student flat to me, I really like the way my bedroom is.

It is worth noting that just before I moved in my mum and I painted the walls from a dirty white to a bright clean white. The only furniture that was in the room was the bed and a chest of drawers which is now in the wardrobe to save space. The bedside tables, desk, desk chair and book case is all mine. Along with the bright curtains, bought from Amazon, to replace the awful dark ones that were there before.

You'll have seen this bedding in the background of blog photos before but I have two sets - this one is from Asda who do great bedding and my geometric bears are from Primark. The two bears on my bedside table are from Scott, I love my batman meerkat and perri my polarbear has a special place in my heart. 

Both my bedside tables are Ikea via gumtree and I picked them up for £15. Crucial for storage and bedtime essentials like my book, lamp, alarm clock and phone. This cute little bowl was a gift from my flatmates holiday in italy last summer and I keep jewelry, kirby grips and odd bits in it.

The other side of the bed is where my boyfriend sleeps so I don't normally go near that table but for decoration I have a pink Ikea lantern and a photo of my mum and dad in a frame.

Beside my bed I have two plastic boxes for storing my scarfs and underneath my shoes. Also normally found here is my reading pile and camera bag.

You can also see my fitted wardrobe with two mirrored doors (a must for me). It is a pretty big space when you open it so I might do a separate wardrobe tour at some point. Around it I have hung up fairy lights because I'm basically a cliche. Down the right hand side I have hung up my most worn necklaces in a sort of decorative way so they don't get forgotten about.

Now the necessary part of any student bedroom - the desk! I do the majority of my uni work sat here. In first year I bought this kallax from Ikea to give me more storage space and it hold the books and folders I use post often as well as stationary and little essentials. My white desk top also came from Ikea and my dad helped me paint and screw on these legs. Luckily for me my neighbours were chucking out a desk chair just as I was looking to buy one.

I've always been against having a TV in my bedroom but last year my boyfriend finally persuaded me into it. When he is over (and my flatmate is home) we spend a lot of time watching TV in my room and it is just so difficult on a 13" laptop. Honestly don't know how we coped without it for almost two years. Although we have a TV licence it isn't cabled in so I stream catch up TV via my boyfriends droidbox. 

I'm so proud of my colourful gallery wall - the frames were bought gradually from B&M and Home Bargains for £1 each and I filled them with my favourite photos. The canvas print came from Snapfish and is the family photo from my 21st birthday party last year.

There are some essentials that I use almost everyday that sit on my desk like my filofax and lecture notes. I also use a week planner pad to keep track of my thoughts. The cute space ship money bank came from Paperchase and stores loose change. These wooden drawers were bought from Asda to hold the tiny little things that normally get lost like kirby grips, bobbles and memory sticks.

I knew I wanted a cork board in my room and began saving corks before I moved in. Still it took me months to collect enough to fill this frame (I just removed the glass). I keep vital notes pinned here as well as little keepsakes. Yes that is a Christmas card but it is also a Geology pun I find funny - thanks Eilidh! 

Above my desk I have another frame with photos, mainly, of first year. The plaque says "I smile because I have absolutely no idea what's going on" which sums up my awkwardness so well. The black board I bought from eBay and the 7x5 grid I drew on allows me to use it as a calendar and rub it clean each month. I like to see at a glance what I have on which day. 

This post has been so long so thank you if you got to the end. If you'd like to know where anything is from please ask in the comments or tweet me. I'd also like to add that although a few things are nailed to the wall, the cork board and the TV (obviously), I use alot of Command Decorating Clips and Command Picture Hanging Strips.

A little disclaimer - although my room isn't always this immaculate this is what is looks like the majority of the time. I like to be tidy (so does my other half) and a cluttered space would drive me mad.

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Monday, February 6

My week in pictures #208

(From top left) To start the week I made energy bites to help with my chocolate cravings. I don't think Dan wanted to take a selfie with me. I had a good feeling about Saturday's rugby match - proud to support Scotland. I finished Sharp Objects this week and LOVED it. I was craving a salad for lunch on Friday which is very unlike me. Homemade steak pie for Sunday dinner. 
My week started off at home where I made energy bites from Deliciously Ella's book for a healthier post gym snack. I also forced my dogs to make selfies with me... something they don't do willingly. Afterwards I got the train back to Aberdeen in time for my 3pm lecture.

On Tuesday I was up early to get some work done before going into uni then the gym before coming back for a late lunch. I got lots done so I could spend a relatively chilled evening catching up on Shadowhunters. Wednesday was another productive morning before I headed into town to meet Scott when he finished work. We went to Morrisons to buy food to cook for dinner but once we got home we ended up ordering pizza from Papa John's. I'd love to say we were very tired but we were probably just lazy. We were asleep by just after 9pm...

Thursday mornings class dragged... but I was able to make it to the gym again before coming home for lunch. I was pretty keen to go to bed that night to finish 'Sharp Objects' which had a great twist near the end. Friday was a BUSY day at uni and I didn't get home until 6:30pm... totally ruined the Friday feeling because I was so tired.

The weekend has been really good though. I spend Saturday morning giving the flat a much needed clean and tidy. In the afternoon I sat down to watch Scotland beat Ireland in the first game of the 6 nations rugby. Afterwards I went to meet Scott who was at the football and we got the train to his. A few pints in the pub later we headed home to get a takeaway for dinner. 

Sunday was a properly chilled day - we only left the house to visit lidl for food. The rest of the time was spent lying on the sofa. I also made a chocolate tart while Scott prepared steak pie and mashed tatties. All this was eaten while watching Silent Witness and getting another early night. 

After doing a really good job in January I've not had many ideas for new blog posts. What would you like to see more of from me? Any inspiration is welcome!

Wednesday, February 1

A Flattering Navy A-Line Dress with Sparkly Heels

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Twinkle Deals* | Bag: Accessorize | Necklace: Topshop
This dress caught my eye on the H&M sale rail on Saturday and the £5 price tag made me go and try it on. It is very loose and shapeless on the hanger but looks super flattering on. I've had this problem in H&M before but this dress is actually a size 16. I wouldn't say I have fat arms but they are probably chunkier than average and I can find their sleeves quite tight. The size 12 was too tight and luckily the size 16 wasn't noticeably bigger elsewhere. 

One of the things I notice about shooting outfit posts is when I come to edit them, with some time passed, is I often think 'oh I really don't like that after all' but with this dress it is the complete opposite. I've fallen more in love with it, the material is soft, it is very swishy and so flattering too. 

A very plain dress need some bold accessories - this big necklace doesn't come much bolder and it was a birthday present last year. The Accessorize bag is a new purchase because it finally came down to half price in the sale. I've had my eye on it since it came into the shop in the autumn and was VERY patient.

Last but not least the Twinkle Deals shoes. Annoyingly they arrived too late for my Hogmanay look but the dress up this outfit perfectly. The grey will go with alot of my wardrobe and the sparkly heels adds a great touch - I'm wishing I had them in red too now. The only thing I will say about these shoes is they do appear to come up small. I'm pretty much a perfect 5 but they are very tight on me. Hopefully Twinkle Deals can still exchange them.

Do you love this dress as me? How do you feel I styled the heels? Let me know in the comments below.

See the last outfit I styled this necklace with - A Simple Party Ready Navy Playsuit.

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