Floral Tea Dress and Red Heels

Thursday, August 7

Dress: Diva Dames* | Shoes: New Look 
I fell head over heels in love with this dress the moment I unwrapped it. The picture on the website looked cute but I was slightly dubious about the quality however when I felt it the dress is beautiful and silky soft. The colours and really vivid which makes it stand out. Surprisingly this is the first dress in my wardrobe with a peter pan collar... I'm not sure how I've managed this long without one to be honest. The shape of the dress is gorgeous and the fit is perfect. A common problem for me with tea dresses is they can be quite tight on the sleeves but I didn't have that problem with this dress. 

Usually I like to dress in a way that will make people comment but this dress got even more of a reaction that I imagined. Lots of people complimented on it and told me how pretty it was - including telling my boyfriend what a lucky guy he was. He was loving it! He didn't quite understand it was a gift and liked it so much he offered to buy it for me (he is such a cutie). At £14 it is a bargain anyway- Diva Dames your on to a winner here.

I was dying to wear the dress so when Scott asked if I fancy going for a few drinks I jumped at the chance - at least I could finally wear this out. You might have read my week in pictures already but I had a really really good time. Even though it was pouring all night we had a good few drinks and just had a laugh - my boyfriend really does have lovely friends. As well as the fact I ran into my best friend! It was one of those night when you are gutted when it is over. 

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  1. Aww, that dress is so cute! & It looks really good on you!


  2. Can I get them to send me a dress! (Joking but not really joking) xx

  3. That dress is so pretty and what a bargain! Can't beat a cute collar and a bright print. xx

  4. The dress looks great on you! The peter pan collar really makes it.

  5. A really lovely dress and the shoes are a perfect match Lucy x

  6. I love this!!! Can't go wrong with floral :)



  7. SO pretty!! Definitely going on my September wishlist (if it's still there!!) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  8. No wonder you got so many comments missy you look gorgeous in it! And those red shoes!! Love the whole outfit! :) X

  9. Love the floral prints! looks great and perfect for summer time

  10. This is gorgeous Claire - at £14 I may have to treat myself! The dark colours mean it'll be perfect for A/W too (yep, already planning my winter wardrobe... haha) xx

  11. you look so lovely! love the dress and shoes too


  12. You look gorgeous! The dress suits you perfectly and I love how you've teamed it with those shoes!
    L xo

  13. That dress is super cute on you :D



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