Wednesday, July 18

Wearing Jack Wolfskin from Simply Hike

Jack Wolfskin Womens Arroyo Jacket - Simply Hike*
After spending seven weeks in the great outdoors last summer (mostly in the rain too) I know a thing or two about good outdoor clothing. So when Simply Hike got in touch about reviewing an item from their Jack Wolfskin range I couldn't turn them down. 

If there is one tip I would pass on about buying outdoor clothing it is to go with a good quality, well known brand. You get what you pay for in clothing like this and whether it is boots or jackets you want to know they will keep you warm and dry however you choose you enjoy the outdoors.

For me Jack Wolfskin is one of these brands that you can depend on. My boyfriend already has a similar lightweight waterproof and it has never let him down. However, that does not mean I want to pay more for quality when you don't have to. That's where Simply Hike come in because this Womens Arroyo Jacket comes in at £30 less than the RRP which is a great little saving compared with buying it direct from Jack Wolfskin.

Thanks to this glorious heatwave at the moment I've not been able to test this jacket out in the rain yet but I know it will be totally waterproof. It is made from Texapore Smoothlight 2l is a smooth face fabric made from special yarn that is "quieter" than other versions of Texapore. I can stand by that fact and it feels really soft too.

Living in Scotland a jacket like this is essential for summer. It is lightweight and easy to wear when it is raining but not cold. It's wind resistant so when it is a bit cold it will give you that extra layer of warmth. Finally, and maybe most importantly, it is small enough to pack in the bottom of a bad 'just incase' because if you don't bring it you will definitely need it.   

I've loved wearing so far and I will continue enjoying it into autumn for those 'normally' all too frequent rainy days in Scotland. 

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Monday, July 9

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #2

I've now been living with my boyfriend for a whole two weeks and I'm pretty darn happy about that. Time has been passing so quickly but that probably has something to do with the sunshine.

1. An Ikea Trip with my Boyfriend

My boyfriend took Monday off work so we jumped in the car and headed to Edinburgh for a much needed Ikea trip. I've not been in ages and just really fancied a browse but it also meant we could pick up some essentials including two chairs and a table for the garden.

2. Christening our New Garden Furniture

Following on from my first point we got to christen our new dinning set by having tea in the garden. It's very rare in Scotland that it is still warm enough in the evening but our garden is quite sheltered so it was such a treat.  

3. Being able to Spent Time Outside Reading 

I feel like I missed out on a lot being away for the whole of the summer in 2017 but a little thing I missed the most was being able to take my book into the garden and read it in the sunshine. So that is basically how I spent the whole of Tuesday. 

4. Spending Time with my Little Cousin at the Park

I got a message out of the blue on Saturday asking if I was around because my cousins were heading through to our town. I didn't have a lot of free time but I was able to go and meet them at the park then go for a milkshake which was lovely. 

5. The New Home Bargain in our Town

A little bit sad maybe but I love Home Bargain and I'm excited to have a huge one within walking distance of our house. I did get a chance to go in on Sunday but my boyfriend was with me so I didn't get to have a proper browse... 

A final moment that made me smile this week - when we were out with my boyfriends parents on Saturday his mum got a text from her friend who actually lives upstairs from us. The message contained a picture of her dog looking sad with the caption 'when you realise your favourite neighbours aren't in the garden'. Bless her!

This week on G is for Gingers: New Summer Sandals from Lunar

Wednesday, July 4

New Summer Sandals from Lunar

I bought this dress from New Look before going to Vietnam at the end of May and I've been meaning to share it here ever since. I saw it on the lovely Eilidh's instagram and wanted one for myself and I love the relaxed styled and how much it suits the weather we are having at the moment. It is now in the New Look sale so you might still be able to pick it up if your quick. 

Dress: New Look | Sandals: Lunar* | Necklace: Jewellery Box 
I can't remember the last time it was this warm in Scotland for so many days. Everyday I'm looking for summer dresses or shorts to wear outdoors. Even my converse have been cast aside in favour of sandals - that's were Lunar come in.

They sent me a pair of sandals to try out and I've managed to get plenty wear out of them already. The most important thing for me in sandals is comfort because I do a lot of walking but that doesn't mean I want to compromise on style. 

I chose the Bijou Flower Sandal in orange and they have just the right amount of sparkle that you can wear them to the beach and something a little more formal too. The padded insole and supportive wedge heel make them really comfortable. I wore them on a trip to Ikea at the start of the week and my feet didn't hurt once. 

Your definitely getting a quality shoe with these ones and I'm sure I'll be wearing mine for summers to come. They even have a range of colours online if the orange isn't for you. My only problem with them is I have to size up and that never happens for me. Once the size 6 arrived they fitted like a dream though.