Tuesday, October 16

Cello Candle Review

Gorgeous smells emanated from the box as soon as I opened these candles. They were send to me to review from new, bespoke home fragrance, brand Cello. Having launched with a total of 12 fragrances their paraffin wax offers muted wax colours. I burn candles constantly through the dark evenings usually from brands like Yankee Candle and Wood Wick candles but also budget alternatives like Wickford & Co from Home Bargains and Primark candles too. 

Medium Fragrance Burst Jar - Wildflower Garden - £19.99*

Wildflower Garden: Gatherings of vibrant freesias and violets cascade wildly as their lush buds radiate towards the sunshine. This spectacular display is accented with soft rose and musk for a bold and and delightful sweetness.

This scent is beautiful - just like the flowers in spring. The candles are fragranced throughout the wax to ensure that you experience our tantalising scents from the moment the candle is lit until the very last burn. Each candle has lead-free cotton dual wicks to ensure a clean and consistent burn that will create a beautiful pool and strong throw.

The medium burst jar will burn for a total of 120 hours. I always do my best to allow the wax pool to melt all the way to the edges so my candle doesn't tunnel and thanks to the two wicks this happens fairly quickly. I didn't find this candle had a super strong scent when burning but sometimes floral scents can be really over powering so many this is a good thing. Another thing I love about this candle are the beautiful colours in the jar - the fragrance burst design is what the creators of Cello believes a fragrance would look like if they could see it. 

Scent Cup - Berry Burst - Soft Linen - Spiced Citrus - £2.69 each*
Berry Burst: Freshly picked strawberries and juicy mango work in harmony with aromatic passionfruit and cassis to give a tart yet sweet burst of vibrance.

Soft Linen: A warm gentle breeze delicately flows through freshly laundered sheets to give a squeaky clean and feathery light fragrance. Whispers of musk and sandalwood compliment this calm and pure delight.

Spiced Citrus: Sun - kissed grapefruit merges with delicate florals, mysterious black pepper, sensual musk and caramel in this complex and stimulating medley.

These little candles have a 12 hour burn time, substantially longer than a normal tea light, so are perfect for testing out fragrances. They melt to the edges really quickly for an even and efficient burn. 

My favourite scent of the four is 'Berry Burst' because it smells like summer to me and is sweet without being too sweet. Soft Linen is clean and fresh just as you would expect. Perfect for when your having guests round in the day and want your house to smell good without being over powering. I think the reed diffuser would be great for the hall or bathroom. Finally, 'Spiced Citrus' is another clean scent but because of the spices and musk it smells much more autumnal to me - perfect for this time of year.

Check out the rest of the fragrances on Cello's website and let me know which one is your favourite. 

Tuesday, October 9

Tips for Saving Money on Presents with Latest Deals

I must admit I've already started thinking about how I'm going to budget for Christmas presents. Although I don't have too many people to buy for there is always my boyfriend, my parents and the little kids in our family to think of so it adds up quickly. That's where Latest Deals comes in - a community of bargain hunters they share genuine deals, vouchers, freebies and competitions. So today I thought I would share some Christmas budgeting tips for those of you looking how to do Christmas cheap.

1. Start writing down ideas now

Write a list of everyone you'll be buying a gift for and start noting down ideas when you have them. It doesn't matter how small because it might spark some inspiration when you go to look at it again later on. Plus it will save panic buying which is only going to cost you more money. 

2. Start checking out the sales

As soon as possible start browsing the sale sections when your shopping. Buying a present that is in the sale can not only save you money but often you can pick up something more expensive that you'd budgeted for which is always a win. 

3. Start your shopping as soon as possible

I'm guilty of not following this advice but if you spread the cost of Christmas shopping over the next few months it will be less of a shock to your bank account in December. Again it will also save panic buying and buying things you don't really need.

4. Start putting money aside

This might be a little obvious but if buying Christmas presents isn't achievable or inspiration hasn't hit you yet then start putting some money aside now. That will mean you will have an idea about how much you can spend on each person when the time does come to buy gifts. 

4. Start browsing Latest Deals for gifts

I have a rough idea for my mum's present - her current fitness trackers has stopped working and I'd love to get there another one. It's for this specific types of present that Latest Deals comes in handy. They have a whole section for Garmin Sale including lots of Fitness trackers all with money off. Meaning I can get my mum a great present without breaking the bank. 

If that isn't your thing though they have just about every other product on their site you could imagine. I especially like browsing their fashion sections for things I could add to my own wardrobe - oops!

This blog post is in collaboration
with Latest Deals but love of gift 
giving is all my own!

Thursday, October 4

My Autumn Winter Wardrobe Must Haves

The Most Amazing Embroidered Blouse
It feels like autumn is in full swing now - I've packed away all my summer dresses and rediscovered some old favourites I've not seen in months. Regardless of the 2018 autumn winter high street trends there are items I pull out of my wardrobe year after year. These winter wardrobe essentials are a mix of basic and not so basic pieces you can layer up no matter how cold it gets. 

A Good Statement Blouse

An item that will serve you well throughout the year but particularly good in the colder months. This one I bought in George at the start of the year is a lovely thicker fabric and roomy enough I could wear a thermal vest under it. It styles effortlessly with denim jeans and a cosy coat too. 

A Very Fashionable Dress
A Pinafore Dress

As I'm in the habit of wearing dresses everyday it is important to me that I can layer them up when it is cold outside. A pinafore like this one can be styled down with a poloneck or dresses up with a blouse underneath. Another style I find works really well at this time of year is a denim pinafore because they work so well with knitwear.   

Mustard Herringbone Scarf
Black Boots with a Heel

Sometime that has been in my wardrobe now for years is a pair of black boots with a heel. My current pair are from Clarks and I wear them pretty much every time I have a skirt/dress on and dark tights. They are so comfy and dress an outfit up too. 

An Oversized Maroon Cardigan from Zaful
 An Oversized Cadigan (or Jumper)

I know this one of obvious but I thought I would include it anyway. This is the perfect time of year to wrap up with some oversized knitwear - bonus points of autumnal colours as well. 

A Love Affair with Mustard Blouses
Anything Mustard or Burnt Orange Coloured

Last but not least you can't go wrong with anything in a mustard or burnt orange colour. It is such a cliche but every year I get just as obsessed. I also love a dark green/teal colour but I don't have anything in my wardrobe like that yet...

I've not added anything to my autumn wardrobe just yet - I think I'm still coming to terms with the fact it is getting cold and dark outside again. I've been flicking through a F&F magazine this afternoon and they have some gorgeous pieces coming. 

I'd love to know where you think is doing autumn fashion well this year. 

Click through to the original posts linked below the photos if you want to know where anything is from. This post is more about inspiration that specific items though.