Thursday, September 20

5 TV Shows I've Loved and Always Recommend

I watch a lot of TV series - I'm pretty dedicated so if I've seen the first episode you can count on me watching the rest of the series (then the 10 after that too...). It's sometimes a bit embarrassing when I start listing them all. I watch police type dramas with my boyfriend because those are his favourites but I also love superhero shows like Gotham, Arrow, Supergirl and my favourite The Flash. I think I've probably seen also every Marvel and DC show ever made which probably isn't a good thing. 

Today I thought I would talk you through some of the TV shows I've watched recently and always recommend to people looking for something to watch. 

The Night Manager

I remember a bit of chat about The Night Manager when it was on the BBC a few years ago but I never seemed to catch it. So when I noticed it on Amazon video I persuaded my boyfriend to watch it. We were hooked from the very first episode and watched one a night until we'd finished it. Now I'm recommending it to anyone who hasn't already seen it.

Sneaky Pete

Another Amazon video show I've not heard a lot of people talking about and I don't know why. Marius, a con man who tries to leave his old life behind by assuming the identity of his cell mate, Pete. It's the biggest con of his life and while you fell conflicted because it is a criminal all the characters grown on you so quickly. Plus it is very clever which I love. 

The Secret Life of the Zoo

If you've not caught this on channel four already then honestly what am I doing recommending it to you? A documentary following Chester Zoo. I've watch every episode more than once and just love the way the animals stories are told by Olivia Colman who is a great actor and in a lot of my favourite TV shows already. An honourable mention should also go to Orangutan Jungle School but I've not finished watching all of them. 


This is the Netflix remake (I've never seen the original) and my flatmate and I were hooked because of the bad ass female characters. Fallon and Cristal are fantastic and although you want to hate them for what they do it's impossible. I cannot wait for the start of the third season already. 

Chesapeake Shores

Last but not least Chesapeake Shores is definitely my happy place at the moment. Centred around the O'Brien family in their perfect little American town it filled the void Gilmore Girls left in my life. If you haven't checked out the first season on Netflix yet why not?

Do you have any other recommendations? I'm currently watching Gotham season 4 and when my boyfriend is back we are going to start the much hyped Bodyguard. 

Friday, September 7

New Look Double Breasted Button Front Dress

Dress: New Look | Top: Primark | Shoes: Cath Kidston (similar) | Necklace: Accessorize
You know when you start styling something a certain way and you can't stop doing it? That's how I fell about laying this white t-shirt under my dresses or jumpsuits. I did it with my Primark jumpsuit and now with this New Look dress.

I picked up this dress after trying on a few button up styles in my local New Look. This one was more fitted and therefore more flattering on me plus it only cost £15 in the sale so I'm pretty happy with that. The downside is the linen doesn't agree with being in the car so it is looking a little creased... 

The new look in my town has closed this week which is sad because it pretty much defined being a teenager here and the reason so many of my outfit posts feature them. I remembering being in it the day it opened - they had a promotion where they hid stars around the town giving you vouchers to spend in the store. My friend found one on the way to school but an old lady shouted at us and made her put it back. 

As the shop was beside the bus stop I was in after school all the time when it was raining or I'd missed the bus and was waiting for the next one (that happened a lot). If we needed something last minute for a party it was always where we went because it was the only cool shop in our town.

Rumour has it that another clothing shop took over the lease but I've not heard who it is yet - fingers crossed for someone good!

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Tuesday, September 4

New In Autumn Wish List

1. Molly Cord Pinafore Dress | 2. Brighton Bee Kind Breton Top | 3. Nicky Star Batik Smock Shirt Dress | 4. The Small Emily Tote | 5. Pom Pom Duffle Coat | 6. Hedgehog Printed Tunic Dress

There is definitely a September chill in the air in Scotland and pretty soon I'll have to go through my clothes and pack away my summer things. Naturally that lead me to thinking about some new additions for my wardrobe so I thought I would put together a wish list. This time I've chosen to look at the new in section of online shops I've never bought from before. 

Sometimes it can be a little daunting buying from a site when you don't know what their reputation is like. That's where Britain Reviews comes in. They are part of an international group of independent review platforms where customers can share their experiences and opinion on companies. Meaning when you come across a new online shop you can look them up and see what other people thought before you hit purchase.

You're all probably aware of how much I like a dress and tights combination in the colder months and I think all three of these dresses would be perfect with thick tights. Especially the Joanie pinafore which would look so cute layered up with polo necks or knitwear. The star print and little hedgehogs would also be great additions to my wardrobe. 

I think the Breton stripe top from Sugarhill Brighton is number one on my list. It still has a nod to summer with the cute bee but the colours and the longer sleeves would make it perfect for autumn. Plus is would go great with this amazing yellow duffle coat from Yumi. Normally I like to go for quite a neutral colour with my winter coat but this one really caught my eye. Would I be brave enough to wear it everyday though? I'm not sure yet! 

Finally the 'Emily Tote' from the Cambridge satchel company is definitely on the higher end of this wish list. It is available to pre-order now and it is gorgeous. Hopefully the yellow would bring some sunshine into the dull days ahead this winter. 

It's great that you can research Joanie, Sugarhill Brighton, Yumi and The Cambridge Satchel Company on Britain Reviews before you part with your hard earned cash too. 

Would you check out Britain Reviews before ordering online? I'd love to know whats on your new season wish list too.

This post was in collaboration with Britain Reviews but love
of shopping and researching my purchases is all mine.