Thursday, September 12

An August Catch Up

I fell off the blogging band waggon - I just didn't have the bandwidth for blogging. It's good to take a break sometimes but instead I just felt frustrated that I wasn't getting to sit down and write posts and take photos which is one of my favourite things to do. I'm doing well this week so hopefully the spark is back - I don't want to be one of these bloggers constantly apologising and promising to be more consistent. 

Today I thought I'd share some of the things I did in August and some snaps I've taken on my phone.  We have been out and about most weekends enjoying the last of the summer warmth which has been nice.

Booking Our Florida Holiday

We couldn't resist the lure of some Florida sunshine so we are going back this November - just under a year since our last trip. We are flying into Miami, driving up to Orlando then spending the last part of our holiday in Miami. I don't think we are going to do the parks this time unless we get any good deals on day tickets but any Miami recommendations would be appreciated. 

A Trip To The Devenick Dairy

I love the burgers and sausages from a local farm called the Devenick Dairy - they have a stall at the farmers market so I always make sure to stock up but one Saturday we decided to go to their farm shop 'The Tin Coo' near Portlethen. We stocked up on some goodies - the strawberry jam and black pudding sausages are particularly good - and said hello to the animals!

A Weekend Away in Newcastle

One Friday we were sitting at work trying to decide what to do at the weekend... a few hours later we were in the car on the way to Newcastle. We booked the Staybridge Suits in the car on the way down and honestly it was the perfect weekend. We visited the Baltic, drank cider in the sunshine and had a lovely meal at Gusto but most importantly we chilled. 

A Trip To Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle is another favourite place of Aberdeenshire locals when the sun is shining. We decided to visit one Sunday for a wander round the grounds because the weather was so glorious. Then we visited 'Fits the Scoop' in Peterculter for the most delicious ice cream because we deserved a treat. 

Lobster Searching in Johnshaven

I've already mentioned this in my weekend post but on the final day of the month we got up early and went searching for Lobsters in the holes in the rocks at Johnshaven. Sadly we only found small ones but it's a fun thing to do anyway - I just need to get more confident climbing over the rocks. I'll have to wait until next year now though. 

Tuesday, September 10

More Podcasts I Listen to Every Week

Now I walk half an hour to work in the morning and half an hour back home again I'm getting through all my podcasts so quickly. Especially when some of my other favourites take a summer break so force me to see what else is out there. Here is some of what I've been enjoying recently. 

Shagged Married Annoyed

I'm probably really late to the hype with this one but I wasn't sure I'd find it funny until I heard Chris and Rosie on 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' and laughed out loud on my way to work. Both Rosie and Chris are hilarious and there podcast is different from others I listen to. After a long day I fancy listening to people talk rubbish and laughing along. 

Doing It!

I can't remember where I saw this podcast recommended but I'm enjoying every episode so far. Talking (or listening) to honest conversations about sex and relationships isn't something I'm used to but I think it's important to make these subject less taboo. Plus I've learnt a lot with the varied guests Hannah has interviewed. 

Feminists Don't Wear Pink

I'm enjoyed a little light hearted chat about feminism at the moment and every time Scarlet has a guest on I'm interested in I make sure I download the podcast for my commute. It's really interesting to hear what feminism means to lots of different women. 

The Official Scottish Rugby Podcast

Maybe a niche recommendation but in the run up to the rugby world cup I'm really enjoying hearing more about how our national team is preparing. Packed with interviews with players, coaches, back stage staff and a bit of banter it's the perfect way to me to get my rugby news.

The Tim Tracker Podcast

I watch Tim and Jen's YouTube videos on life in Orlando so when they came out with a podcast I subscribed straight away. Although they've been a bit sporadic recently (they are having a baby!) they cover some light hearted topics that I find interesting to hear them debate. 

Things You Can't Ask Your Mum

Last but not least is Lizzy and Lucy's podcast - I devoted their first series full of more sex and relationship chat. Listening to best friends chat honestly with each other is something I find really interesting and I can't wait for a second series. 

Sunday, September 8

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #12

Life knocks you down sometimes - when you're on top of the world and suddenly you're falling because someone you care about has died suddenly. Gordon was a family friend and someone I genuinely enjoyed chatting with on a Saturday night in the pub because he really cared. He will be missed by everyone.

Couple with just not feeling 100% and work being busy I've just not found the bandwidth to blog. It's frustrating because I love blogging but the spark of inspiration just hasn't been there. So today I thought I would get the ball rolling again with some of the things that have been making me smile recently. 

Looking for Lobsters on the Coast

In my boyfriends family it's a bit of a secret that his Dad knows where all the lobster holes are along the coast at Johnshaven so last Saturday we got up early when the tide was at its lowest and went out to look for them. The weather was miserable and we only found small lobsters but it was still a good way to spend an hour.

Getting My Mum and Dad's Business Website Live

Mum and Dad's website needed a little refresh so I volunteered to give it ago. I love learning new skills so I signed up to Squarespace and with the help of my dad started creating. I'm going to keep improving it but Colin Smith + Judith Wilson: Architects is now live. Most of all it will be good to have full control and make changes when ever they want. 

Enjoying Pot Sticker Dumplings

My mum recommended the dumplings they found in frozen in Lidl - hers are so good I was sceptical but one night we fancied picking away at food we cooked them up. They were so good I went out and bought another bag to keep for later. 

Getting Out and About with Scott

Every weekend recently we've gone somewhere different - Crathes Castle in the sunshine then for ice cream, Dundee for shopping then Perth for tea at Harvester and yesterday we went to one of our favourite walks at Glen Dye. I love nothing more than spending some quality time with him at the weekend. 

The Flower Field at Laurencekirk

A discovery from a local blogger on Instagram I can't believe I'd never heard of The Flower Field before. It's a pick your own field with an honesty box and peak blogger heaven however, my boyfriend wasn't so willing to stand and take 100s of photos!