Friday, February 15

My Orlando Holiday Planning Tips

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I’ve been to Orlando, Florida twice now and while that doesn’t make me an expert I know a few things about planning a holiday there. It’s a destination I know we are going to visit again and again – if you’ve ever been you’ll know why. The photos from our most recent trip have arrived so now I’m about to start scrapbooking I thought it was time to share some of my tips for planning your Orlando holiday.

Buy Park Tickets Before You Leave

Get your Disneyland tickets in advance – there are different offers available to UK residents so these have to be purchased before you leave as these won’t be available when you get to Orlando. We’ve bought tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct for both our Orlando holidays and waterpark tickets in Tenerife. They arrive very quickly so even if it is a last-minute trip (like ours was last year) they have you covered. Plus, once your park tickets have been purchased the excitement really starts to build.

Plan Transport

Everything is quite spread out so walking isn’t the best decision in Orlando. In November we were able to rent a car which was the best option for us because we were able to drive to both Clearwater Beach and Merritt Island Nature Reserve.

However, if driving isn’t an option for you then the buses are a good alternative. Before we left for our first trip we bought two ‘Fixed Route 7-Day Standard Pass’ bus passes each direct from Lynx, they arrived at our house and we simply had to activate them on our first journey. You can travel all over Orlando and they have airport routes too which is a great way to save money.

Travel Outside of Orlando

One of the big advantages of having a car, as I mentioned above, is being able to travel further. There is so much to see in Florida so why limit yourself to the theme parks and International Drive. We’ve driven to the Kennedy Space Centre, Coco Beach on the Space Coast and Busch Gardens in Tampa. On our most recent holiday we travelled to Clearwater Beach on the west coast and Merritt Island Nature Reserve on the east coast but there is so much else I want to explore.

Visit The Space Coast

Every time a friend tells me they are going to Orlando I’m always urging them to go to the Kennedy Space Centre. It was one of the best days of our 2016 Holiday! The whole visitor complex is so interesting and the tour of the locations where they actually launch people into space is amazing. There is so much to take in you could be there from opening til closing and still not feel bored. Plus, you can also buy your tickets in advance from Attraction Tickets Direct.

Check Out Visit Orlando

I only really started to look into the Visit Orlando website on our most recent trip but they have lots of information about what to see and do in Orlando and they were able to answer lots of the questions I had. Plus, they offer discounts on activaties like bowling and crazy golf which are a must when you’re in America. Great if you want to make the most of your holiday money.

Be Prepared To Eat

There are SO MANY good places to eat in Orlando – some we’ve been to more than once (Olive Garden I’m looking at you) and some we’ve just discovered (Hawkers was delicious). You’re going to want to eat everything and that’s okay – you’re on holiday after all. There is always time for a health kick when your back in the UK! If you are interested I shared Places To Eat in Orlando Florida.

Visit Disney Springs

If Disney tickets aren’t in your budget or you’ve decided to go for Universal tickets instead don’t forget to visit Disney Springs. You can get all the Disney magic for free (even the parking is free) so you won’t miss out. When we visited in November they had all the Christmas trees but there is lots of other things to see, the biggest Disney store I’ve seen in my life and loads of places to eat. It was a really really good day out!

Don’t Over Book Yourself

There is so much to do in and around Orlando you’re going to want to do everything. I always feel the pressure to make the most of visiting somewhere new but you’re in danger of not enjoying your holiday because your stressed about making it to the next activity. Remember to actually relax – have a few days away from the parks and lie beside the pool or just go for a wander and explore.

If you’re planning a holiday to Orlando right now I want you to know how jealous I am – I can’t wait to go back as soon as possible.

Tuesday, February 12

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #7

Raspberry Lime* | Lemongrass with Lavender*
With lots of cool things happening with my blog recently I thought it was time I shared another 5 things that made me happy this week. I'm got a few posts in the pipeline for the next month or so which I'm really excited to share including some outfit shots. Plus I've been getting really into Instagram again despite all it's problems.

1. Burning Wax Melts in the House

Recently I was sent two different wax melts from Candle Jar and for the past couple of weeks they've been filling my house with the most gorgeous scents. The Lemongrass with Lavender is my favourite because it smells so fresh. Plus they are all made in Scotland which I like supporting. Definitely a company I would recommend checking out.

2. Trying Out New Crafts

I bought a needle felting kit from Aldi and have spent a few nights this past week totally engrossed I haven't even thought about social media. The perfect evening detox and now my little panda is finished it will be a lovely gift to give my mum.

3. Exciting Blog Collaborations

Last week I got a real 'pinch me' moment with my blog - I was so excited I wasn't even sure it was real. Jet2 kindly offered me return flights for writing a blog post about Romantic City Breaks for Valentine's Day (AD). We've been exciting planning our next getaway ever since.
4. Engaging on Instagram 

Sometimes Instagram can feel like a bit of a bleak place. The images you've worked really hard on aren't as well received as you hoped. However, recently I realised I'd slipped into a really bad habit of aimlessly scrolling without sharing the love so I'm changing that. It's lovely to have proper conversations again.

5. Weekend Walks in the Woods

On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to Tyrebagger for a walk. It was a lovely, mild, sunny and (dare I say it) spring like day. Walking in the woods is one of my favourite things to do anyway but there was something just perfect about the weekend. 

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Friday, February 8

Romantic City Breaks for Valentine's Day with Jet2

- This is a Paid Partnership with Jet2 -

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, thanks to the countless adverts, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We don’t normally do anything special but it does get me thinking about something I can do to make sure my other half knows just how much I love him. That’s where Jet2 come in – with lots of city breaks to choose from it could be the perfect way to treat your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or even someone in your family to show them how much you love them this Valentine’s Day. 

I’ve been so lucky to have been on lots of adventures with my boyfriend in the past five years. Starting with Tenerife in 2015, Florida, Tenerife again, Poland, Hungary, Vietnam and most recently back to Florida. It’s the best way to spend quality time together and exploring somewhere new is a really good way to strengthen your relationship. After a romantic getaway you come home feeling relaxed and closer than ever.

City Breaks are probably one of my favourite adventures to go on – take a long weekend and book flights to a new city (maybe even one you’ve never considered before) and spend a few days exploring a new culture. We had such a good time in Gdansk and Budapest because they were so easy to get to but a totally different atmosphere to Scotland. Even our few days Ho Chi Minh City felt like a city break – the perfect amount of time to explore. Budapest is one of Jet2’s destination and you can get flights in March 2019 from £62 so if you’ve not been yet I urge you to book a romantic getaway. 

I spoke about this before Christmas but my boyfriend and I prefer to spend our money on Holidays rather than presents – after all these memories will last a lifetime. Just now is the perfect time of the year to start looking (it’s currently pouring with rain outside) and book something with Jet2 to look forward to in the next few months and escape from these freezing temperatures. It’s always much easier when you know there is something exciting in your diary.

Jet2 have very kindly gifted me two return flights as payment for this post and I was wondering if you had any recommendations. They fly to 39 destinations from Edinburgh so there are lots to choose from – have a look at the list and let me know if you’d recommend any of their destinations.