Thursday, March 14

Recent Charity Shop Finds

Top: Fat Face | Jeans: Next (similar) | Jacket: Rocha: John Rocha | Boots: Office (similar)
For me, charity shop shopping has more to do with finding a bargain than sustainable fashion but it doesn't hurt that I'm helping the planet too. If I remember correctly this Fat Face top cost around £2 in autumn last year. These jeans are my most recent purchase - they cost me £4.50 and they are the perfect fit. 

Normally I go into a charity shop with a plan. Firstly I'll head towards the dresses (they are my favourite after all) then I'll flick through the other rails to see if any patterns or brands catch my eye. Recently I've been looking for denim too - I need a few new pairs and they can be expensive when bought new. 

Knowing what you like makes it a lot easier! I've been searching for Next jeans in particular because I know their fit and quality the best. I also like to buy items like this in near new condition and then I can get the most wear out of them. This pair are a perfect example of next jeans I knew they would fit well and similar pairs are £34 in store at the moment. Plus I don't think they've been worn so they were an absolute bargain. 

I also love coming across Fat Face items because I love the brand but can't afford to invest as much as I would like too. Now this top can sit nicely with my other charity shop finds and new pieces in my wardrobe. 

Anyway this is quite a simple look today but I wanted to share my recent charity shop finds with you. Next week I have a more exciting outfit planned so stay tuned!

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Tuesday, March 12

Mother's Day Gift Ideas with The Gift Experience

Personalised Wreath Mother’s Day Large Oak Photo Cube*
I mentioned on my instagram last night that I'm normally searching around (very) last-minute for a mother's day gift. Being at uni the past four years probably didn't help because March is always very busy but this year the 31st of March has been lodged in my head because I want to do something special for my mum. 

Then 'The Gift Experience' got in touch and asked if I would like to review on of their personalised mother's day presents and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. After browsing their website I choose this oak photo cube because I thought it would be perfect for some up to date photos of my mum and I. 

It is possible to personalise with both a name (so it doesn't have to be for your mum) and a message of your choice. I really like the engraving and it feels good quality so it won't fade over time. It's slightly annoying the message is slightly off centre but maybe not everyone would notice that.

The box its self is really good quality with space for four photos. It's worth noting that the space is bigger than standard 4x6 prints at 11x16cm. Something I wish they had mentioned in the description so I could have planned out my photos a little better. The photos are easy to fit into place with a sturdy back and glass front. 

The box measures 19x19x15.5cm so it is a really good size for storage (who doesn't love a practical gift) and costs £39.99 which seems good value for something of good quality and personalised too. If you're not looking to spend so much they also have photo cubes of different sizes and designs to suit your budget. 

Personalised gifts are my favourite to give and I can't wait to give this box to my mum on Mother's Day. If you're still looking for a present why don't you check out what 'The Gift Experience' have to offer. 

Thursday, March 7

Everyday Sustainable Tights From The Legwear Co.

- This Post Contains Items Gifted in Return for this Review -

It's very rare that I get excited about tights - I wear dresses A LOT and in Scotland they are just a basic necessity for getting dressed. Most of the tights I own come from Tesco and cost between £5 and £10 for a pack of three meaning when they inevitably tear it doesn't really matter.

I did give any thought to the environmental impact this might have - 250,000,000 kilograms of hosiery is put into the waste system every year. We need to think about how we can make fashion more sustainable and this includes the tights we wear.

That's where The Legwear Co. step in to help. I was lucky enough to be gifted their first ever box to see what I thought and share this sustainable fashion message with my followers and I feel like shouting it from the roof tops.

In The Legwear Co. first winter box I received three pairs of high-end black tights in 120, 60 and 50 denier. All the tights come with an incredible 90-day warranty but you can tell these tights are made to last. I've not tested them out fully yet but you can tell when you pull them on they aren't going to tear and ladder easily.

The pair I'm really excited about are the 50 Denier Eco Tights (in the first picture) which are made from environmentally friendly recycled yarns. Imagine if all our tights could be made from recycled materials.

I normally keep a lower denier like this for a more formal occasion and I know the next time I'm going to a party these are the pair I will reach for. They look great on and fit really well too.

Lets talk about fit - I'm a UK size 12 and around 5'9" so I picked the large but all three pairs fit slightly differently. The lower deniers are stretchy and fit well but the 120 denier pair seem less stretchy and form fitting. When I initially tried them on they had a tendency to go a little baggy at the ankles but hopefully that will disappear over time as they stretch to fit me.

As they are support tights they feel oddly tight around the top but this is a great feature that will stop them slipping (hallelujah). Again the 120 denier did feel significantly tighter than the 60 denier pair but neither were uncomfortable.

Now this The Legwear Co. box cost £34.99 for three pairs of tights - which is you compare them to supermarket prices is expensive. I have nothing else to compare them too because I've never bought high-end hosiery before. They are SIGNIFICANTLY better though - in quality, fit and obviously sustainability which is important to me. Plus their three month warranty means these three pairs of tights should see you through black tight wearing season.

I'm interested to see what their next box will bring. Especially as spring is approaching and hopefully I will move out of black tights. Who am I kidding... I live in Scotland so I'll still be wrapped up in June.