Sunday, June 17

My week in pictures #272

(from top left) Fish and chips for lunch at Brodie Country Fair. Got my haircut before my graduation on Monday. Had a little visitor on Friday when my flatmates family brought their dog round. I finished reading 'The Girl Friend' - I would totally recommend it. On Saturday we went to check out the Etsy Aberdeen Summer Showcase. One final dinner at the bobbin and a couple of bottles of wine.
This week started with a trip to Inverness with my flatmate. To visit her parents, see their new house and see Misty too. On Tuesday we took her Gran out for lunch at Brodie Country Fair and stuffed ourselves on fish and chips. Before we knew it our short trip was over and we were heading back to Aberdeen on Wednesday afternoon. 

On Friday I went to get my hair cut so it was looking fresh for graduation on Monday. I really like the length it was last summer so I got quite a bit cut off and it feels so good. 

Despite the rain on Saturday I headed into town to meet my flatmate after work. We had a wander round the shops and checked out the 'Etsy Aberdeen Summer Showcase' taking place in the St. Nicholas centre. There were some great sellers (some I recognised from the Christmas market) and I couldn't resist one of these doric stickers for my boyfriends dad. 

In the evening we went to The Bobbin for the final time. Grabbed something to eat and drank a bit to much wine too. Thankfully Sunday was a chilled day so it didn't matter that I felt really rough. 

After 272 posts I think this will be my last 'Week in Pictures' posts. Things have been needing a shake up for a while and with graduation and moving next week this seems like a good time to stop. 

Instead I'm thinking of something along the lines of Sophie's 10 favourites this week but I'm not sure how to make the post my own yet. Stay tuned and hopefully there will be something new next Sunday.  

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Thursday, June 14

Places To Eat in Hoi An Vietnam

The food we enjoyed in Vietnam was some of the tastiest I've had anywhere in the world so I knew I wanted to share it with you. We've been back almost a whole month and I still think about how tasty it was. Lots and lots of fish was enjoyed by both Scott and I which made us really happy. Not to mention the about of rice we consumed. It is said that if a meal in Vietnam isn't served with rice then it is just a snack!

Bảo Hân

This little restaurant was close to our hotel so on our first night we took a walk down to try some simple Vietnamese cooking. The spring rolls and fried wontons were a delicious way to start the meal but sharing one would have probably been better because next we both chose fish for our main course. I wish I could remember what I choose because the flavours were fresh and delicious. Scott also really enjoyed the prawns he ordered. 

 At the end of the meal complimentary coconut ice cream was brought over which was a nice touch. This lovely restaurant showed us how nice Vietnamese food can be and set us up nicely for the rest of our trip.  

Bảo Hân, 17 Cua Dai St, Hoi An, Vietnam
 An Gia Cottage

Another restaurant near our hotel caught Scott's eye because of the menu and mine because of the pretty 'outdoor' setting. I think this was one of my favourite meals of the whole trip. I decided on Tuna slow baked in a clay pot. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is quite an authentic way to cook fish in Vietnam and I can see why they do it. It was so flavoursome my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

An Gia Cottage, 93 Lạc Long Quân, Cẩm An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

M Bistro

Hoi An pancakes were something I was keen to try while staying in the town so when I spotted them on the menu I knew I had to have them. I was half way through my meal before the lovely waitress came over to show me how to break it up with chop sticks and combine it with the leaves and kimchi in the rice paper. 

Scott really enjoyed his main and the starter we shared was also really tasty. We sat in the doorway of this restaurant over looking the pretty streets of Hoi An's ancient town. 

M Bistro, 141 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam

Mi Casa

This family run restaurant couldn't have better reviews on trip advisor. We were greeted at the door by the owner and her daughter who couldn't have been more welcoming. To start we had white rose dumplings which were perfect. Then Scott choose garlicky prawns for main and I picked a spicy fish curry packed with vegetables. We couldn't fault the food and you really felt like you were sharing a meal with the family in their

front room which was nice. Not everyone would like dogs wandering around the restaurant but we loved it. 

Mi Casa, Lac Long Quan Street, Cam An Ward, Hoi An 560000, Vietnam

 Bánh mi Phuọng

On our final day in Hoi An, after walking round the ancient town in the heat for a few hours, we picked up a Bánh mi at this little shop that was always busy. The ordering system was a bit crazy and it took us a while to get our banh mi but it was worth the wait. Fresh bread and tasty filling. Something I really wanted to try in Hoi An and it didn't disappoint. If you head over to my Instagram you'll still be able to see them making it in my Vietnam highlights.

Bánh mi Phuọng, 2B Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An 560000, Vietnam

Ms Vy's Kitchen and Deli

We didn't really know where to go on our final evening so after a wander we chose Ms Vy's because it was bright, colourful and modern looking. It was hear I had the tastiest meal of the whole trip. I've been dreaming about it since and really wanted to try and recreate it. Mackerel wrapped in banana leaves and absolutely packed with flavour. You know a dish is good when you are still thinking about it a month later. 

Ms Vy's Kitchen and Deli, 41 Nguyen Phuc Chu, 1f, Hoi An 560000, Vietnam

I added all the restaurants we visited in Vietnam (and some other recommendations) to my trip advisor so if you are planning a trip check it out here

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Monday, June 11

My week in pictures #271

(from top left) Pizza from Pizza Express on Monday with Mum and Dad - they game up to celebrate my graduation. I got this cute card from my aunty and uncle. On Tuesday it was sunny so we sat outside the flat and read our books. I went to the midnight showing of Jurassic World on Wednesday and it was so good. One of the delicious meals from my guosto box this week - one I'll be remaking. My dinosaur jewellery arrived from Jewellery Box. 

After the excitement of last week this one has been pretty relaxed. On Monday my parents came through to Aberdeen to celebrate my graduation results with me. We got pizza at pizza express then had a browse round the shops. It was just really nice to see them.

The sun was shining on Tuesday so I took the opportunity to sit outside and top up my tan for the first time since getting back from Vietnam. Then just before midnight I headed out to catch the midnight premier of the new Jurassic World film. It was REALLY good and it was nice to catch up with my friend Jack too.

The rest of my week passed uneventfully. Scott came round for tea on Wednesday, I did lots of scrapbooking and on Saturday I took an unsuccessful trip into town to look at shoes for graduation.

On Sunday Scott came round so we went to pick up boxes for moving from his work and popped along to the strange little ikea Aberdeen has to see if they had the wardrobe I had my eye on (they don't). Apart from that we chilled and had macaroni for tea which was yum.

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