Monday, April 23

My week in pictures #266

(from top left) St Andrews in the sunshine on Tuesday evening. Bundi in the garden waiting for me to throw the ball. Managed to fill two more boxes for the recycling/charity shop. It was nice to be home for the whole week in the sunshine.
I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to spending the week at home with my parents without the stress of an impending deadline to spoil my fun. I definitely slept in a bit too late, did lots of reading, helped mum with housework and caught up on blogging work I'd been neglecting. I also managed to sort through bits and bobs in my room and fill two cardboard boxes for the charity shop.  

On Tuesday afternoon I went with my folks to Dundee, we picked up a few things from the shops then went over to Pizza Express in St Andrews for tea. The sun was shinning to it was a great evening for a wander round the pretty town. 

After throwing all my holiday clothes together on Wednesday I went to Scotts for tea - we made meatballs which were very tasty. On Thursday I did more cooking this time at home when I tried BBQ pull jackfruit which was tasty but I still think the recipe needs improving. Friday was my last night at home so mum made pizza and we had a nice evening drinking cider. 

Scott wanted to do some holiday clothes shopping so on Saturday we were back to Dundee. He didn't see anything he liked (typical!) and I'm trying not to spend money at the moment. Once we were back we went to the pub for a few drinks with his parents.

Sunday was another slow day. I got lots of washing done, we did some food shopping, picked up suncream for our holiday then made a roast for tea. I even managed to get Scott to watch the first episode of 'Line of Duty' so that's exciting. 

Now I fell so much better rested I'm ready to get stuck into exam revision and my final two proper weeks of uni before we go to Vietnam in just under two weeks.

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Thursday, April 19

Personalized Cart Necklace Review

This sweet little necklace arrived for me recently from Personalized Cart engraved with my initial to make it that little bit more special. The company specialises in personalised gifts for every occasion including wallets, glasses and custom door mats which I was really tempted by. 

Personalized Cart have a range of necklaces available but I choose this one in rose gold because of it's simplicity. The pendant is beautiful and the plated metal is a good quality. The chain itself measures 40cm with a 5cm extender - the catch is easy to use and strong so it won't break easily. 

My necklace arrived it its own box much quicker than I expected from America. At $24.90 (just under £18) this is perfect for a gift and it is possible to add up to three disks to the chain. With the quality of service I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Personalized Cart again.

What do you think of my new necklace? Do you have a favourite personalised gift?

Tuesday, April 17

5 Little Ways to Cope with Burnout

Pyjama Top: Hunkemöller* | Pyjama Bottoms: Hunkemöller* 
At the end of term I think every student experiences 'burnout' and feel like you just can't continue the way you have been any longer. This year I haven't really got an Easter break so it's more important than ever to remember these tips. The best way I have of dealing with stress is not to have a bath (yawn!) but actually getting stuff done so you can properly relax afterwards. Until then I'm counting down the days until my final exam. 

Spend extra time in your pyjamas or even have a pyjama day.

I find staying in my jammies so relaxing - I can still get things done but it takes away the rush to get out of the house in the morning. This pair arrived recently from the Hunkemöller sleepwear range and are just perfect for spring. The cotton material feels so soft and comfortable to wear and the design is just adorable. Another thing that sets them apart from my other jammies is the fitted bottoms - they are really flattering without being too tight. 

Get up half an hour earlier to tick something off your to-do list.

It might seem counterintuitive to get up earlier if you are feeling burnt-out but trust me on this one. It really helps me if I'm feeling stressed about everything if I get up and give the flat a quick tidy or do my dishes first thing. Then I can continue with the rest of my day without having to worry about the bomb site my flat is in. 

Wake up at your normal time but climb back into bed with a cup of tea and a book.

I don't like to mess with my sleeping pattern too much so if I feel like I need an extra rest I leave my 7:45am alarm on and wake myself up to get a cup of tea. This slower start to the day always makes me feel more relaxed and better rested too even though I got up at the same time. 

Prioritise what you really need to get done.

If you feel like you are rushing from one thing to another without time to take a breath it is time to work out what you really need to do. I talked a few weeks ago about staying motivated to go to the gym but sometimes that activity just has to be cut from my timetable. Don't use this a reason to cancel with friends or do the things you enjoy but maybe everything isn't as important as you think. 

Start making a list of everything you need to do.

I've left the most obvious one until last but when things are really getting on top of me I like to write a list of everything I need to do and maybe even split it into days if there are a lot of jobs. My favourite times are last thing at night to clear your head or first thing in the morning to get focused for that days work. 

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