Friday, May 17

Gin Flora Cocktail

My first week in the working world has come to an end so quickly. I've not had the brain capacity for blog related activities but I'm sure as I settling in it will get easier. Anyway, as Friday has come round I thought it would be a good time to share a cocktail I make regularly at home. I go easy on the gin because it is not necessarily my favourite spirit but it is a perfect summer cocktail.

You will need: 

40ml Gin 20ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Raspberry Syrup Ginger Beer

I just mix the ingredients together in a glass but I am looking for fancier cocktail accessories. Then add the ice and enjoy in the sunshine.

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Friday, May 10

Personalised Gifts from The Gift Co.

- This is a Paid Partnership with The Gift Co. -

I love picking out the perfect present for someone and when you don't have any ideas a personalised gift is a really good route to go down. That's where The Gift Co. come in because they have 100s of personalised gifts to choose from. All you have to do is choose something they enjoy and find the right present for them. Today I thought I'd share some of my picks with you at lots of different price points.

This cheese board caught my eye because I know my boyfriend would love it and it would be something nice to keep on display in the kitchen. Also this BBQ set is perfect for anyone who loves to cook outdoors. 

My mum is a huge gardening fan so I know she would enjoy having her own pair of personalised gardening gloves. Finally if you are looking for a gift for a specific event then this photo album would be great - it might even encourage someone to print all the photos too. 
I must admit I'd be tempted to get this personalised doormat for myself - we are moving soon (fingers-crossed) and it would be a great addition to our new home. I love how chic this initialled hip flask looks and it wouldn't go missing either. 

There is plenty of people in my life who would love a personalised wine glass including me! Again you wouldn't loose track of it in the kitchen while cooking. Last but not least is this photo frame which is a lovely touch for something with a new baby or they have plenty other designs for significant events. 

Wednesday, May 8

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #9

If you read last weeks post, Everything Is Changing, then you'll already know a lot of this but I've just been on a high all week and wanted to share another 5 things that made me happy this week. Even if today couldn't be more different outside than when this photo of the blossom was taken a few weeks ago. 

1. Getting A Job Offer

That's it - I'm finally going to be a full-time working adult and the weight off my shoulders is massive. It's in my home town so I won't have to factor in huge commuting times too which is a bonus. 

2. Being Able To Tell My Family About My Job

Obviously I updated all my family and they couldn't be happier. I felt rubbish talking to certain people because they kept asking about the job hunt and having no news just made me feel worse. Thankfully I won't be having those conversations again.

2. Lunch With My Grandma

I finally managed to arrange a catch up with my Grandma. On Friday I went down with my parents to pick her up and take her for lunch at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. It was a lovely day even if I was dressed for spring when the weather seemed to have other ideas. Hailstones in May, Really?

3. Our Flat Going On The Market

Again something else I updated you on in Fridays post but now our house is on the market I can't wait to get moving to somewhere nicer and properly putting our stamp on the house. Fingers crossed for a quick sale. 

4. Growing Seedlings

Over the past month or so I've been planting seeds. They are kept on the window sill in the spare bedroom and I go into check them every morning. They are bring me so much joy and I'm counting down the days until they are flowering (hopefully in our new garden).

My mission for the rest of the week is to plan lots of blog posts before I start my new job so I'm starting ahead. If there is anything you'd love to see from me please let me know in the comments.