Thursday, March 21

Twenty Four Things in my Twenty Fourth Year

Today is my twenty fourth birthday - I can't quite believe I am that 'old' now and when people ask I have to stop myself saying 21/22 automatically. Where is the time going? Anyway today I thought I would share 24 things I've done since I turned 23 last year. It's always fun to look back on all the good things I've done and everything I've achieved too. A lot of really big things happed in the last year including graduating and moving in with my boyfriend. 

I'm having a nice chilled birthday today. It's my favourite day of the year so as far as I'm concerned I get to enjoy it how I want too. I spent the morning baking red velvet cupcakes then came to my parents for lunch. I'm going to spend sometime doing blogging things this afternoon then later by boyfriend is coming round for tea. I cannot wait!

1. Watched Hairspray on stage in Aberdeen.

2. Saw the baby polar bear at the highland wildlife park.

3. Got so drunk in Aberdeen I got lost in the city centre.

4. Traveled in Vietnam (both Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An).

5. Went to my first midnight screening on a film.

6. Graduated from University with a BSc. (hons) in Geology and Petroleum Geology.

7. Cried when I left the student house I lived in for four years.

8. Became a permeant resident in my boyfriends house.

9. Spent the summer in the gardening planting flowers.

10. Visited my parents house for the first time then went home to my own bed. 

11. Enjoyed the summer heat wave to it's maximum advantage.

12. Read a grand total of 19 books.

13. Experienced the opening weekend of the much anticipated V&A in Dundee.

14. Took a series of photo of porridge I am really proud of.

15. Spent two weeks exploring and enjoying the winter sun in Florida.

16. Got the first real Christmas tree of my own.

17. Visited the local swans every time I felt bored and needed out of the house.

18. Made good use of being able to drive my boyfriends car to visit family.

19. Managed a few dinner dates with my old flatmate after moving out.

20. Completed a CV daft I actually felt confident sharing.

21. Secured my highest paid blogging gig to date.

22. Spent along time practising saying 'our house' instead of 'Scott's house'.

23. Actually started applying for an adult job...

24. Managed to do lots more cooking with my boyfriend.

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Tuesday, March 19

Spring Wedding Outfit with Angeleye

Dress: ANGELEYE* | Heels: Caprice

- This Post Contains Items Gifted in Return for this Review -

It's exciting when spring fashions are released and websites start sharing their wedding guest options. I've not actually go any weddings coming up this year but it didn't mean I didn't want to have a go at styling a couple of dresses when ANGELEYE got in touch about their 
Wedding Guest Outfits.

I picked out this burgundy dress because I think it's perfect for those days when it hasn't warmed up yet. The sleeves length makes it easier to layer for colder days and the midi length is great for windy days. The dress is bright enough on it's own so here I styled it simply with nice jewellery and comfy heels.

However, I also wore this dress last Friday when I went out for dinner and the cinema with a friend. I styled it with my The Legwear Co. tights, black boots and my faux leather jacket because it was too cold to go out without an extra layer on. I thought it looked really cool styled like that and adds to the versatility of the dress. 

Luckily for me I took these photos on a windy day which means I could show off how the midi skirt moves. I was a little unsure of the asymmetrical hem at first but when you see how it moves it is totally different. 

Overall I'm really pleased with my first ANGELEYE experience and I can't wait to show you my second dress. 

Do you have a wedding coming up? Would you consider wearing something like this polka dot midi number? 

Thursday, March 14

Recent Charity Shop Finds

Top: Fat Face | Jeans: Next (similar) | Jacket: Rocha: John Rocha | Boots: Office (similar)
For me, charity shop shopping has more to do with finding a bargain than sustainable fashion but it doesn't hurt that I'm helping the planet too. If I remember correctly this Fat Face top cost around £2 in autumn last year. These jeans are my most recent purchase - they cost me £4.50 and they are the perfect fit. 

Normally I go into a charity shop with a plan. Firstly I'll head towards the dresses (they are my favourite after all) then I'll flick through the other rails to see if any patterns or brands catch my eye. Recently I've been looking for denim too - I need a few new pairs and they can be expensive when bought new. 

Knowing what you like makes it a lot easier! I've been searching for Next jeans in particular because I know their fit and quality the best. I also like to buy items like this in near new condition and then I can get the most wear out of them. This pair are a perfect example of next jeans I knew they would fit well and similar pairs are £34 in store at the moment. Plus I don't think they've been worn so they were an absolute bargain. 

I also love coming across Fat Face items because I love the brand but can't afford to invest as much as I would like too. Now this top can sit nicely with my other charity shop finds and new pieces in my wardrobe. 

Anyway this is quite a simple look today but I wanted to share my recent charity shop finds with you. Next week I have a more exciting outfit planned so stay tuned!

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