My Eight Hundredth Blog Post

Friday, July 31

Dress: M&S (via the charity shop)
I can hardly believe this is my 800th blog post - that's a hell of a lot of writing and even more photos taken. Since my first blog post on a Saturday in January  2013 while I was still in sixth year at school through the year I took out afterwards, 4 years studying geology in Aberdeen, moving in with my boyfriend, searching for a job and finally starting my first adult job this blog really has been a constant in my life.

Like most bloggers who started before it was possible to earn a full time living or be an influencer online I had no idea it would last this long. I was just a girl who already spent too much time online and wanted to do something a little more 'productive' with it. I didn't have a lot in common with the people I was friends with during school and I wanted to have my own space to share the things I enjoyed and somewhere to post the 100s of photos I already took. 

I never dreamt I'd be paid to write posts or sent things occasionally to feature in my blog. It all started very slowly at first with my first few dodgy outfit posts (until I realised they were a million times better if I took them outside in daylight). My love of clothes and dressing up hasn't gone anywhere over 7 years and outfit photos still remain some of my favourites and most popular posts. I've got a record of the outfit I wore on my first date with Scott, handmade dresses, favourite dresses and other important events. 

Most of all I feel incredibly lucky to have kept up this blog for so many years and have diary style entries for lots of life events I like to re-read. Everything from weeks at T in the Park, trip to Tenerife, Florida and Vietnam, city breaks and travels around Scotland

Now I'm well beyond the nineteen year old who started this blog I want to share more about my local area - things to do and independent places to eat. I'm also more interested in slow fashion than ever and buy more from charity shops than brand new now. Basically I am still going to use my blog to shout about things I love and feel passionately about. 

Who knows if there will be another 800 blog posts. I didn't know I'd write 100 or make it through university or starting to work full time but I'm still here. I've been blogged through a pandemic - who could have guessed that in 2013!!!

I last wore this dress as part of my autumn/winter 'One Week of Office Outfit Inspiration' but as it is such a lovely dress I also wanted to style it for summer. 


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