My week in pictures #129

Sunday, July 19

(From top left) Scott and I have been watching Taggart in the evenings - a classic Scottish murder program. Dan begging for some pizza crusts on Thursday night. Went to Aberdeen today in my yellow rain coat from Fat Face. Vegetarian nachos for tea tonight whicj were yummy.
After getting back from T in the Park on Monday lunch time feeling shattered and spending most of Tuesday in bed feeling awful with the cold it hasn't been the most productive week. On Wednesday I did drag myself out of bed to put up our tent in the garden, it needed a good clean and time to dry out. I also managed to get out the sewing machine to fix a few ripped bits.

On top of all that I went to Scott's on Wednesday and we made my ultimate comfort food - lasagna! We watched TV and generally felt sorry for ourselves. The rest of my week was super boring and unproductive until the weekend when I was back at Scotts to help with DIY. We managed to get all the paper off his bedroom walls so it now just needs plastered. After all that hard work we got a cheeky KFC for dinner (WAY too much food)

Today my folks finally agreed to take some of my stuff back to Aberdeen and help me make plans to get the flat feeling like home. Alot of pinning and a trip to Ikea will happen soon.

Now I'm ready for my bed but there will be more posts ready for next week. Hope you guys had a great week - let me know about it in the comments below. 

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