My week in pictures #178

Monday, July 11

(From top left) Lunch at a little cafe on campus on Wednesday afternoon. I also managed to go and see the Oor Wullie statues in Marshall Collages on Wednesday. When helping mum clear a pile of sticks we found a small birds nest. It has been two years since we went to the commonwealth games and I was finally about to finish the scrapbook page. BBQ salmon for dinner on Friday was delicious. On Saturday we went to a 'Garden Party' in the rain to raise money for cancer research.
It has been a slow week with a lot more of the same. I spent the majority of Monday and Tuesday working on some things for uni - it's not easy to motivate yourself in the summer though. I was also able to help my folks out with a few things round the house. On Tuesday evening Mum and I did a little driving practise in the pouring rain. I was going to stay at Scott's because I had to be in Aberdeen early Wednesday morning. We made fajitas for tea and started a new season of Masterchef USA before having an early night.

After getting to the uni for half eight on Wednesday morning then being finished with what I had to do by 11am I had two hours to kill before meeting my friend Georgie for lunch. I wish I could moan publically about a few things but knowing who 'might' read my blog it doesn't seem quite right so I'll have to keep it inside. I had a delicious lunch at a little cafe, Kilau, on campus which I'd never taken the time to visit before. We eat in the garden too which was a nice treat. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon having a look at the Oor Wullie statues in Marshall College and then doing some shopping. The bag I didn't buy in the accessories sale is still haunting me. I finished in perfect time to get a lift home from Scott. We made a delicious fish pie for tea even though I was exhausted after walking over 10 miles throughout the day. Who says shopping isn't an exercise. 

On Thursday I returned home and got roped into helping mum clear a pile of sticks in the garden. It took most of the afternoon but the sun was shinning so it wasn't to bad. Friday was the best day of the week weather wise but I didn't get to see much of it. I had a driving lesson in the morning and my instructor was very positive. Afterwards I had the house to myself so I was able to give my room a much needed tidy then move on the cleaning the kitchen floor. Mum and Dad made a delicious dinner with BBQ salmon, beetroot salad and potato rostis. 

Sadly the weather on Saturday was just about as grey as we'd expected. None the less I put on a summery top and headed out to meet Scott. We had tickets to a garden party to raise money for cancer research at one of our favourite pubs. Luckily the weather mostly held off and we had lots of fun ceilidh dancing and indulging in one to many ciders. I barely remember walking home but we must have made it with our pizzas. Almost hangoverless on Sunday we still had a pretty lazy day. Scott and I finally got a curtain pool for his bedroom so no more light mornings. We then made delicious homemade pizzas for tea before he gave me a lift home. I had such a good weekend.

I spent quite a lot of time this week editing holiday photos and writing two mammoth posts all about our visit to Orlando. They've had such a great response too which makes me really happy. It is just a shame I didn't manage to pick up a tacky photo album for all our snaps while I was away.

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