My week in pictures #209

Monday, February 13

(From top left) Homemade Jambalaya for tea on Monday - it just reminds me of my mum. Mademade Burger Co. for tea on Friday before going to the Spectra festival. Lifting the kettlebells on Saturday morning at the gym - I felt strong. Scott and I's snowy walk up in the cairngorms. Out for tea on Saturday calls for a selfie. I was gutted Scotland didn't get to snatch a win against France on Sunday afternoon. 
I woke up early at Scott's on Monday morning and was back in my flat at 9am ready to start the week. Monday was going well until I went to B&M without my handbag... and couldn't remember where I left it (spoiler it was on the sofa in my flat).

The start of the week passed quickly, avoiding doing uni work, going to the gym (in the pouring rain) and going to class. I didn't book zumba quick enough so I walked into town to meet Scott instead. We made chilli and nachos for tea before finish watching this series of Silent Witness. 

Thursday is a busy day at uni so I was on the go early and thankfully finished by 1pm so I got to get home to finish uni work. Instead of getting stressed about getting it finished that night we got an email extension. I did still try to get most of it finished before relaxing in front of the TV to watch daredevil. 

On Friday, after uni and swimming, my flatmate and I headed into town. First we went to Handmade Burger Co. for dinner - my mexican burger was delicious - before going to see Aberdeen's Spectra festival of light. I won't say to much about it here but we spent a great hour and a half wandering round looking at the installations. 

Saturday didn't start as early as I would have liked but I managed to get to the gym before Scott arrived. We went to Strathdon in the cairngorms for a walk in the snow. We've not been on a trip like that in ages so it was lovely. The big tea we had at the Harvester later was well deserved. Obviously we were very sleepy afterwards. 

After a late start on Sunday we had sausages for breakfast we walked to the shops and had a browse in Currys and Next before getting some food and walking back in time for the rugby. I was so disappointed Scotland didn't get a win but it was a great game! Scott and I finished the weekend with Pizza from Papa John's.

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