My week in pictures #229

Sunday, July 16

(From Top Left) I think Tuesday beat my all time step record - I was so tired at the end of the day. Sitting at the edge of Scotland. Looking at the rocks on at Sango Bay this week. I finished watching Sneaky Pete this weekend and love it. 
I'm slightly worried that these updates are going to get very samey for the next seven weeks so I'm going to try and keep them short and sweet. We went to meet our mapping advisor on Monday afternoon in Durness. He showed us some of the local rocks and we talked more about what we are going to do for the next seven weeks. 

After that we managed to do four full days of mapping - the weather at the start of the week was beautiful and the thought of spending everyday at the beach was a joy. It almost made the hard work worth it and we are now determined to swimming in the beautiful, clear blue sea.

By the time the weekend came around we were knackered so took Saturday and Sunday off. While my friends went to meet their mum (and collect their dog) I stayed in the cottage and did nothing all day! The weather was awful so I felt like it was justified. 

The weather on Sunday wasn't much better but at least it wasn't raining so we took the dog to the beach. The sea was dark grey and very stormy which made for some atmospheric pictures. Sunday was supposed to be a roast dinner but someone forgot to add the chicken to the online order so I'm not sure what the plan is - apart from I need an early night. 

I've been keeping Instagram updated about our geoliday (geology holiday!?) so give me a follow there to see all my photos - @ginger_claire

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