Tips for Saving Money on Presents with Latest Deals

Tuesday, October 9

I must admit I've already started thinking about how I'm going to budget for Christmas presents. Although I don't have too many people to buy for there is always my boyfriend, my parents and the little kids in our family to think of so it adds up quickly. That's where Latest Deals comes in - a community of bargain hunters they share genuine deals, vouchers, freebies and competitions. So today I thought I would share some Christmas budgeting tips for those of you looking how to do Christmas cheap.

1. Start writing down ideas now

Write a list of everyone you'll be buying a gift for and start noting down ideas when you have them. It doesn't matter how small because it might spark some inspiration when you go to look at it again later on. Plus it will save panic buying which is only going to cost you more money. 

2. Start checking out the sales

As soon as possible start browsing the sale sections when your shopping. Buying a present that is in the sale can not only save you money but often you can pick up something more expensive that you'd budgeted for which is always a win. 

3. Start your shopping as soon as possible

I'm guilty of not following this advice but if you spread the cost of Christmas shopping over the next few months it will be less of a shock to your bank account in December. Again it will also save panic buying and buying things you don't really need.

4. Start putting money aside

This might be a little obvious but if buying Christmas presents isn't achievable or inspiration hasn't hit you yet then start putting some money aside now. That will mean you will have an idea about how much you can spend on each person when the time does come to buy gifts. 

4. Start browsing Latest Deals for gifts

I have a rough idea for my mum's present - her current fitness trackers has stopped working and I'd love to get there another one. It's for this specific types of present that Latest Deals comes in handy. They have a whole section for Garmin Sale including lots of Fitness trackers all with money off. Meaning I can get my mum a great present without breaking the bank. 

If that isn't your thing though they have just about every other product on their site you could imagine. I especially like browsing their fashion sections for things I could add to my own wardrobe - oops!

This blog post is in collaboration
with Latest Deals but love of gift 
giving is all my own!

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