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Saturday, February 27

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Top: White Stuff | Jeans: F&F at Tesco | Boots: North Face
This top is the one of two new items I've picked up for my wardrobe this year. I spotted it in a local shop just before Christmas because the gold embroidery caught my eye as being a little festive. They didn't have it in my size though and I ended up ordering it online in the hope it arrived for Hogmanay. It didn't but that doesn't mean I won't get plenty of wear out of it. The style makes it a great top for everyday but the gold detail means it is something that can be dressed up with the correct journey. A great addition to my wardrobe and something I know I'll continue to wear. 

The second thing I've picked up are these slim fit jeans from F&F at Tesco. More out of necessity because I discovered just after lockdown that I only had one pair of jeans without holes in them. When I was doing my weekly shop, I spotted that they had 25% off the whole range so I thought I'd give them ago. So far, they are really comfy so hopefully they wear well too. 

In today’s post I also wanted to talk about how brands can make the most out of working with UK fashion bloggers – I’ve been blogging since 2013 and have been working with brands for the majority of that time so I know what makes a good collaboration.

Gifted Items

If you think a blogger would fit in well with your brand you can approach them to pick out some pieces from your website in the hope that they will feature them on their blog or social media and tag your brand. The main disadvantage to this type of collaboration is that it’s more difficult to control when (or if) the blogger shares the items and you can’t have a big list of requirements for the style of post.

Paid Posts

This is the style of post which I find works best for bloggers and brands. I’m often sent items free of charge to style and take photos with then with the post goes live I am also paid. In this way the brand has more control of the style of photos, social media posts and links etc.

Get Blogged offer a blogger outreach service through their marketplace which can help a brand achieve their goals quickly. From a bloggers perspective they are a really easy company to work with and all the requirements are set out at the start which is crucial.

Sponsored Posts

Another way I’ve worked with brands in through sponsored posts – no items are exchanged but it’s possible to create a post around my favourite items from a brands website. Create and edit or wish list post with links back so my readers know where they can buy them. The only disadvantage to this type of post is they often don’t have consistent traffic over time.

I don’t just enjoy posting fashion content – I also love reading it and have some firm favourites over the years. I like The Anna Edits simple but classic style and she is always picking up the best items. Liv from What Olivia Does and Kate Spiers have some amazing dressed and I love all the clothes Paige Joanna makes herself. Probably not strictly a fashion blogger but I also love the outfits that Kelly Prince Wright posts on Instagram.

Set Out Clear Expectations

This is more of a general tip that could apply to any of the suggestions above but set proper exceptions out at the start. Most bloggers take working with brands seriously whether they are full time or have a day job and no one like to feel like they are being asked for more than they originally agreed too. If you expect a certain style of photos, number of social media posts or a word count on a blog post then detail that at the start. 

That way the blogger you are working with will be able to decide on the amount of time involved and if the compensation is worth it for them. If your looking for a 1,000 word blog post, which can take a long time to write, then it’s essential the blogger knows and can plan ahead.

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