My Week In Pictures #5

Sunday, February 24

(From top left) Lots of exciting tweets about the brit awards, wasn't it good? I made a brownie in a mug and it was amazing!! Plan to do a proper post about it later. It was my friend Eilidh's 18th and this is me going to her birthday lunch today. Painted my nails with o.p.i nail envy. Another birthday! (it was a few weeks ago but I've not seen her in ages)
I haven't been doing much this week so my week in pictures has been tough to put it together. Had a fabulous time today though at my friends 18th birthday lunch. Her mum made loads and loads of food- lasagne, quiche, salad, fried chicken, sausage rolls, chocolate cake, cheese cake, sticky toffee pudding and birthday cake!!! Not to mention a few kopparbergs and ginger beer ;) I am well and truly stuffed still! Not got anything planed for the week coming but I hope you all had a good weekend. Only 24 days until my birthday!!

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