Is spring coming?

Wednesday, February 20

Shirt- Ali and Kris Leggings- New Look Boots- Kicker Lip Stick- Autograph raspberry

As part of the warm weekend I was able to go out without being totally wrapped up. Not sure if I like this shirt anymore but my mum assured me that it still looks 'fine' the best I can ever get out of her. Mum and I went to TK max but I didn't see anything I liked, again sadly. I know the boots aren't the post 'fashionable' (whatever that means) but they are so warm and my feet are always so cold.  Would like to know how to clean them up a bit though.

Another dilemma I am having at the moment is about a new phone, I won't be able to upgrade on my contract for another year (if mum renews it) and I've already broken it. People can no longer here me on the phone. I am not the type of person to spend £100+ on a phone but I would like a slightly better phone. It's a tricky decision. 

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