My Week In Pictures #6

Sunday, March 3

Banana loaf made on friday night. Biffy Clyro CD and the start if my titp CD collection with Noah and the whale, Me off to dancing on wednesday, The final lot of knitting to took to school before they were sent to africa, Our love film dvd this week 'my week with mariyn' and my nails painted O.P.I blue.

Going to be quite a short post this week because I've not been doing a lot sadly. Didn't feel so good yesterday so my weekend has been spent lazing around and spending way to much time online, I want it to change next weekend though- someone take me out! The most exciting thing that happened this week was the start of rehearsals for Grease! I was extremely excited for the show in June sadly it might be my last song shop show! Maybe going to watch my week with Marilyn tonight. Have any of you seen it? Hope you have had a good week and hello to my new followers! Much appreciated! xx

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