A Second Pair of Lana Trousers

Friday, April 19

Jumper: Uniqlo (via Vinted) | Trousers: This is Unfolded (via Vinted) | Shoes: Clarks (Charity Shop Find)
There are very few items I have in my wardrobe in multiple colours but this is the second 'This is Unfolded' item I couldn't resist. I already have the Claire wrap dress in yellow florals and black polka dots and I recently added the autumn winter Lana trousers in a burgundy to compliment the sand colour for summer I already have. 

This version of the Lana trousers promised to be thicker for autumn and winter but I didn't buy them when they were originally on sale and quickly regretted it. Thankfully being patient on Vinted came good for me again and they are finally mine. 

As the weather still hadn't warmed up they are perfect paired with this cashmere jumper (also from vinted) for extra warmth. This is an outfit I'd wear to work because the trousers would be so comfy for wearing at my desk all day. With some good accessorise I think this would also make a great outfit for a casual lunch at the weekend too. 

I am building up a collection of Unfolded items myself - check them out here.

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