My Week In Pictures #10

Monday, April 8

(From Top Left) Thank you cards I have sent to family for my birthday presents. The new company arrived!!! Saved it for my holidays though. Went out on a photo shoot with my dogs. Casual selfie- I've had my hair cut. I got a new phone! It's really really good. Went shopping and bought this jumper because it was a bargain. Our holiday house. My new swimming costume. Peach tarts made on friday night.

Well my week off school has been completely uneventful- still exams start soon and I've been having to revise for them. I got a new phone finally after two years which is really good and I have been playing around with that for a while. The most exciting thing this week though has been going to Aviemore on saturday. Going to have a lovely holiday with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Lots more photos to follow I guess- I do have some post scheduled for this coming week. Don't miss me to much. 

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