Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' #1

Wednesday, June 5

1. Floral material- Ebay- £3.75 per meter
2. Floral material- Ebay- £3.75 per meter
3. Alice in Wonderland Blue book clutch- Esty- £20.13
4. Denim pinafore- New Look- £22.99
5. Blog inc- Amazon- £7.58
6. Sandals- Sarenza- £89.50
7. Buttercup- Esty- £4.00
This is defiantly a new kind of post for me but ever since I've finished my exams all I can think about is shopping and buying a few treats for myself (if i can bare to part with the money of course). I don't find wish lists easy to put together because I always have the idea of what I want but can never actually find it but here are a few things I fancy at the moment. 

Firstly as I have mentioned in recent posts I really want to make some clothes as a little project as I don't have much on at the moment and I think these pieces of material are a very cost effective way of starting. The third item I saw in a magazine is a book clutch. I love reading and the idea of being able to have a bag that looks like a book is very appealing. What do you think? Number four on my list is a denim pinafore- I have wanted one for a while and this one looks perfect for me and at a great price but New Look don't have it my size online any more. Disaster!! Blog inc is a book I have been meaning to order for ages because I feel like I want to learn how to be a better blogger and after seeing it reviewed I thought this one seemed good. Sixth on my list are these beautiful sandals but sadly they are way out of my price range (a girl can wish eh?) but if anyone have seen a similar pair I would love to know. Last but not least is this beautiful little book form an extremely talents blogger/illustrator that just looks like the perfect bit of summer inspiration.  

Hope you all have a good week. I have one more question though. How does my blog look to you? I cannot change the background- the template shows the right colour but it doesn't appear on my blog? Help please?? :(

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