My Week In Pictures #18

Sunday, June 2

(From top left) Last night Jamie came into my room and pushed me over and I have a huge sore bruise on my leg, Going out last night, Nina Dobrev is on the cover of company!! Hair tied up all ready to revise, Summery outfit, My cleared floor space free of revision stuff!! :D
I have done nothing worth while today. It has also passed really quickly and now I've got to finish my photography project before tomorrow. I have also done nothing worth while this week apart from revising for my higher/ advanced higher exams but hopefully this week will be more interesting. Going into school tomorrow to hand in my photography folio and mount my final pictures then Callum and I are going for a walk on the beach. I hope it is sunny.

I might have made a mistake with gradual fake tan yesterday. I woke up really really tanned on my legs but far from perfect. I've used it before but never this type- I used garnier summer body and thought it would be quite light but it wasn't for me. Anyone tried one tried any of these lotions before? I also have a few little projects for all this time off, I found a beautiful blog where the girl makes her own dresses out of funky material and I really really want to try it. Hope you've had a really good weekend.

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