My Week In Pictures #26

Sunday, July 28

(From top left) finished 'jet' early on this week which is a great page turner if you like an action/ triller. My fun new handbag which i featured on my post earlier this week. The medicine which has cured my tonsillitis and made me feel 100% better. The books mum and I saved from the paper recycling- we hate to see things wasted. A tiny lizard found in the garden yesterday; love finding animals. Raspberry tart made with berries from the garden- recipe to follow later this week.
This week pictures come from a much happier Claire! I am forever making the mistake of not going to the doctors early enough; I'm more of the philosophy that 'it will get better on it's own' but when it comes clear it won't mum drags me there and I started getting better straight away. Not done a lot this week- my family never want to do anything in the summer but stay in the garden. Going to have to start doing more though because it will kill me always staying in the house. I went into town to see a friend on Thursday and it was really nice to see him and just relax now I'm feeling better and can't make him sick to. Have spent the past few days lying in the garden reading and unfortunately got quite sunburnt- idiot!! 

I hope you've noticed my new header and a few extra little changed down the right hand side. Spent quite along time this week doing 'blog related' things. Including making a twitter account for my blog so please help me build up followers and of course I need people to follow too!! Would love to hear feed back from you guys and have a chat. It's so exciting when I think of people reading my blog and getting lovely comments. Hope you guys have had a good weekend too.

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