Stripy Tops are Essential

Tuesday, July 23

Top: Primark Jeans: H&M Boots: River Island Bag: Unbranded (From amazon) 

Just a simple outfit post today because I am feeling better I made a little more effort than I’ve done all week to head into town. Just my luck to be going to the doctors when I am feeling better; I do now, however, have penicillin for my very swollen left tonsil. The trip out has really taken all the energy for me. I thought I would try most outside outfit pictures in this ‘heat wave’ however I woke up to heavy rain and it hasn’t stopped. Oh well the heat was getting too much for me anyways- doesn’t suit my pale skin.

I believe a good stripy tee is an essential for every wardrobe and this one was only a low-cost one from primark but it is so soft and comfortable. Teamed with my skinny jeans and a scarf I feel pretty and ready to go for the day it is summer after all. Don’t want to go over board! Also it is the first glimpse of my new owl bag. It was just an inexpensive one from Amazon but I badly needed a light coloured on and I am happy about the size. Considering putting together a what’s in your bag type post. What do you think? Also would greatly appreciate it if you could follow my new twitter @Gisforgingers for up to date information about my activities. 

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  1. I've got about 2 or 3 stripy tops! Such a staple :)

    Laila xx


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