My Week In Pictures #32

Monday, September 9

(From top left) Beach selfie. My new blazer bought on ebay this week. Cute scissor earrings I bought and my new deathly hallows neckless. The entries for the honey sponge (mine is the top right one). Going out to the food and flower festival on saturday. Finished reading kissing the rain which was quite good- not kevin brooks best; I LOVE black rabbit summer. Selfie before the BBQ on sunday.

Ever do nothing all week and then end up running round the whole weekend without at time at home? Yeah that was me this week. The most exciting thing we did was go to the beach on Tuesday night (see post here) and then wednesday and thursday were spent preparing for the dundee food and flower festival. As you can see my cake ended up being a bit of a pancake (probably didn't cook it long enough) so it didn't place in the competition. My dad however did get a first and two thirds in the beginners categories for his honey which meant he won the cup! So saturday was spend at the flower festival looking round the exhibits and commenting on the standards of the handy crafts and floral display sections. Sadly it was quite a cold day so mum and I got tired and a little bored towards the end. We did treat ourselves to some jewllery (pictured above) and then bought some cakes for the car home. On sunday we were out again quite early because we went to give my wee cousins their birthday presents (very late because we've not seen them in ages) and they were delighted so I spent an hour playing in the tent. Also gave my cousin all my spare barbie clothes and some dolls clothes- she told me the wedding dress was the prettiest thing her barbies ever had! I was then dragged to a family BBQ which turned out a little better than expected because the sun was shinning and the garden was warm (also got a few pennies for helping me aunty out serving). Finally we went back to Dundee to help clear up the bee keepers stand and we got home about 8 which was to late for the lifestyle bloggers chat. Dam!

Lastly I would just like to say a huge thank you to all my new followers- and the people who managed to follow me on GFC (which I wasn't even aware you could) and I know have the badge on the right hand side if thats the way you like to follow your blogs. Hope you al had a great week end to.

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