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Friday, October 11

Pinafore- Newlook Top- M&S Jumper- Primark Boots- River Island

If you've lived in the town/city for your whole life then you probably won't understand the excitement of a country girl when they get to go shopping. I had heard really good things about the new Primark autumn/winter range and really wanted to have a look myself so when mum and dad were going to see a documentary in the cinema I thought I would take the opportunity. We went to Dundee on Sunday afternoon and got a bite to eat at the DCA restaurant together before I headed to the shops alone. It was really good being able to wander around as I wanted but sometimes I am hopeless at making decisions for myself so that was a little bit of a challenge (the this maroon dress or that maroon dress dilemma). As I am sure most of your are probably already aware Primark have a gorgeous autumn collection and there was so many pieces I would love in my wardrobe but because I am an unemployed student I had to stick to a jumper, dress and a new top. I also got some new leggings in Sainsburys which were two for £10 which I am very impressed with (lets hope they wash okay). I am skill considering doing a haul video if I can muster up some courage.

I am quickly building up a collection of different ways to wear this pinafore and I think my love for it is growing. I wanted to try and go for the whole jumper and dress look and this is the only matching combination I can find in my wardrobe. I also wanted to say warm hence the jumper. In the past few days I think I've decided to grow out my fringe so any tips on that would be most welcome. Have a good weekend!

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