My Week In Pictures #37

Sunday, October 13

(From top left) Carrot cakes I made yesterday. My new laptop case. My macbook arrived! Been doing lots of studying. Finally got my student id- discount here I come! Starting to read my geology textbook.
It's only 5pm on Sunday afternoon but I am already falling asleep so I thought I should get this weeks post typed up. This week started off very excitingly because my macbook arrived!! I didn't expect it so early and I was so excited I was shaking. So I spent a few days getting used to it and I absolutely love it apart from one thing- It won't run my only copy of Photoshop... Having looked at a few new copies they seem very very expensive so I don't know what to do about that yet. I have also started properly studying for the geology course I am doing and luckily I am finding the textbook interesting and quite easy to read. That's about all I've got up to this week. Mum and I stayed up way to late watching films on Saturday night. We watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World (a personal favourite) and then American graffiti (an old film which I would recommend strongly- has anyone else seen it?) We then spent Saturday morning (and half the afternoon) cleaning the windows. 

This morning I managed to get the Internet up and running in my room so I've spent most of the morning on it. So far I don't have any plans for next week so hopefully something will turn up. Hope you've had a good week too.

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