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Wednesday, November 20

Dress: Primark Boots: New Look Coat: London eee

On Saturday we got up early to go to visit my aunty in perth- because it was so early this is a very simple outfit. I just got the dress the day before when I was out shopping with my mum. Do you like it? It is simple style but was a bargain in primark and it has tartan shoulders therefore follows the  current autumn trend. These boots are very old- like five years but I don't care because I still wear them all the time. They are a little big but it means I can wear thick socks in winter and keep my little toes warm. The coat is also an cold one but because I don't usually show my coats on the blog its never featured but I love it and wear it constantly. I am really pleased with the way these photos turned out so I am going to make more of an effort to get outside and take them when light allows. Do you like them too? 

This past week I've been getting emails from T in the park announcing the ticket sales for 2014. It has been really getting me down because I've been applying for jobs and not hearing back so I don't have the money. Anyways last night was the last straw! THE ARTIC MONKEYS are going- alex turner will be there!! In that case there is no way I'm missing it. So this morning I got out my calculator and worked out it would only take 50p from each of my twitter followers however I'm gonna keep thinking of ways to raise money- any ideas? 

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