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Thursday, November 28

I love walks- I sit around and wait for them to happen all day and know when it is 4:30 and we are going to go out soon. It doesn’t matter to me if it is raining or dark I will beg until they give in.

I really like cats- we used to have on when I was younger and I would sit and watch her for hours and drool. I would never touch her though. It was only me know knew what I was thinking about.

I adore swimming- it’s my 2nd favourite thing after going on walks. Even though I am freezing I never want to go home and stand at the shoreline shaking. Sometimes I can’t see the sticks in the water because of my poor eye site.

I used to be a chef in a previous life- I enjoy fine food especially raw tuna. I always sit by my mum when she is cooking encase she gives me a treat.

My favourite thing ever is home baking! When Claire bakes she always lets me try some because I am so appreciative and cute. I will always want more which she likes too. Sometimes she bakes me my own dog biscuits, which is a real treat.

I am a very nervous dog and don’t like strangers toughing me (I may give a warning growl or bark but I don’t bite) especially when I’m on my lead. When I get to know you though I am really affectionate.

I am a mummies boy. The rest of my family are great but I know who loves me best and I love her. I don’t like anyone getting in the way or our alone time.

I am fond of to giving special hugs to the people I love. I stick my (big) nose under your chin and snuggle in.

For such a manly dog I have a weakness for cuddly toys and always pick one up and carry it around with me when I see one.  I also used to like squeaky toys when I was younger- but I’ve taken the squeakers out of so many they don’t buy me any more.

I do amazing ears when I want something or to show I’ve enjoyed something. I know they make a fuss when I do them.

I really enjoy smiling. I smile when they come down in the morning, when I want to be fed or when I want to go out on a walk. I have a few different smiles- full cheesier or just a cheeky grin but they both look quite vicious if you don’t know me.

I show my tummy for tickles at every available moment- when there is a family argument going on, when my family have just sat down for a meal or just when no one is paying attention to me.

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