November Sponsors

Saturday, November 30

Here they are again my lovely sponsors! Blogs and business I can personal recommend and follow myself. As they haven't changed from last month I thought I would ask them a few questions so you could get to know them a little better before checking out their pages. I currently only have one sponsor for December but would love it if more of you could get involved- or help spread the word around? I know December is always a tricky month money wise but they start from just £1.50. However without any further pleading please get to know my sponsors, Cara, from polly pocket beauty and Ari, from the happy cactus shop.

1. Why did you start your blog? I moved to London with my Boyfriend summer 2011 and he worked in a bar so I was alone most evening, Obviously that gets pretty lonely. I had always loved reading blogs so I thought why not start my own. I originally started it to keep a 'diary' of my new life in London, but after London didn't work out when we moved back to Cambridge It quickly became a beauty blog and it is what it is now! :) My Pride and joy!

2. What are your favourite types of posts to post in your blog? I love reading lifestyle posts I'm a pretty nosey person and love to see what others get up to in the spare time, I also love lipstick reviews and OOTD's I get a lot of my Outfit ideas from blogs :) I blog shop before I go out myself and make a little shopping list haha.. Is that sad?

3. What would your top tips be for winter fashion? Be Warm!! haha My staple for this Winter is Tartan. I always say don't get cold just to be Fashionable Wrap up warm!! :)

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1. Why did you start your business?  About 5 years ago, I was searching for her flash drive in the depths of her purse. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of frustrated digging (in reality it was only 3 minutes) and pulling everything out of her bag, I decided that mere pockets were not enough to organise her purse. I would create The Perfect Pouch to store all my small necessary items in and would never have to dig again!

2. What are your favourite types of posts/products to post in your site? I normally post things that I've been working on - new ideas, custom orders, photography, etc. I spend a good bit of time looking for new and interesting patterns that I think my customers would be interested in

3. What would your top tips be for winter fashion? Scarves! You can never have too many! As soon as it gets cold here (which is normally late November, I live in Alabama), I have one on until it warms up. Long ones, short ones, fabric, knit, infinity, straight - it doesn't matter as long as it matches!

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