My Week In Pictures #43

Sunday, November 24

(From top left) Finally watched the last two episodes  of game of thrones- bring up series two. Had nachos for tea- they are my favourites. My outfit for tea on Friday. Helped mum paint the bathroom and we hung up these cute fish frames. The best popcorn ever from graze. I am able to rock the side fringe again! A chocolate and orange tart I made on Friday (recipe post will follow). Paid the deposit for my T in the park!! Roll on summer 2014.
For some reason I was struggling to put together the photos for this post because I thought I hadn't done much this week but when I put some thought into it I came up with eight. The start of the week was very quiet but I didn't managed to get through any uni work- where has my motivation gone? I will do my best to find it this coming week. I have been to two rehearsals for the panto- I can't believe we only have one more week of rehearsals before the show starts. As the pictures show I helped my mum paint the bathroom- it looks so pretty good now and so clean.

On Friday my dads cousin came for dinner with her south African husband. We spent the whole day doing crazy cleaning (and the family arguments that come with it) but we had lovely food and it is so nice to meet new family and feel so natural with them! The rest of the weekend has been spent relaxing- I don't know why I'm so tired and feel like I've broken my nose.

The coming week will be filled with uni work (hopefully) and rehearsals for the show. We are in four days out of five so it will be pretty tiring. I also have a few posts planned for you guys. On top of that I am planning my sponsors post and looking for new advertisers for December so if you are interested email me at Hope you've all had a good weekend too! 

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