My week in pictures #45

Sunday, December 8

(From top left) My company magazine arrived- before I'd got round to reading the last one! Sold some things on ebay and they are all packaged up ready for the post office. My milkmaid friends at songshop. The panto program from last week. A delicious Roos Leap burger for tea on Thursday. Mop cap selfie. A few treats from teapigs to review (will be up this week). The stormy weather caused one of our smaller trees to fall over (every sad!!) 
It has been a strange week at home- on Tuesday we didn't have any Internet for a whole 24 hours due to some server problem and then on Thursday we didn't have any power from 7:30am to 2:30pm so during these days I didn't do a lot just chilled with my mum and dad. On top of that it was show week! I was out late every night for the whole week and was very tired but it was a good show and worth it in the end. I was planning a post about the panto for this week- would you guys be interested? Please let me know in the comments. Apart from an outfit post earlier this week I haven't done much blogging so I apologies for that but I will be back next week.

I cannot believe how quick this uni module has passed and I will be going to my final tutorial next week and have my last assessment the week after that! Needless to say I have quite a bit of work to do yet and a few lectures to catch up on before then so will have to do some hard work at the begging of the week but hopefully mum and I will get some shopping time in Aberdeen after the tutorial. I still haven't bought my blogger secret Santa present yet and not really thought about my family.

My parents brought the Christmas decorations down from the loft this week so hopefully we will find a (real) Christmas tree soon and we can hopefully put it up next week! I have seen bloggers with theirs up for weeks but my family isn't that keen.

One last questions- I did a post about my dog Dan here and was wondering if you would like to see another one about Bundi. Not sure if it was popular or not! 

Hope you've all had a good weekend too- I'm away to catch up on strictly!! 

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