My week in pictures #47

Sunday, December 22

(From top left) As I started to make Christmas cards I found these ones left over from last year. I got my hair cut on Tuesday. Finally got me some sparkly Christmas nails. The mini Christmas tree is up in my room. Received my Scottish bloggers secret Santa present (going to open it on Christmas day though) Dad and I messing around with the projector and art. We got our Christmas tree on Thursday- finally. Wrapped and posted my secret Santa present.
It has been one of those weeks where last Monday feels weeks ago. I've been doing revision for my final uni assessment and trying to get into the Christmas spirit. On Tuesday i got my hair cut and my fringe is a lot better (if a little short to be honest). Hopefully you will see it better in an outfit post next week. I was also able to post my secret Santa present and I also received mine- can't wait to open it and see what it is! On Thursday afternoon we went and got out Christmas tree from some man in Dundee who cut it down from his garden. On Friday we decorated it and was able to blog it about it on Saturday in my post How We Decorate Our Christmas Tree. On Friday I also got my flu jag which made me feel so drowsy but I think I'm recovering now.

Today I aced the uni assessment and Abbey won strictly so I am very very happy! Got lots planned for this week so keep your eyes on my blog to see what I'm up to. Right now i am looking forward to a good lifestyle bloggers chat that isn't interrupted by the strictly results show. I am also thinking about making some chocolate cupcakes. Give me a follow on Instagram to see the result!


  1. Very festive! Congrats on passing your Uni assessment :) x

  2. Looks like you've has a festive week! I recieved my blogger secret sanat gift the other week-it was lovely to connect with bloggers that way! great post, lots of love, Lauryn from :-) xxx


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