Orange and Chocolate Tart

Tuesday, December 17

It feels like ages since I've done any baking on here and I've had these pictures saved for a few weeks ready for you guys waiting for the right time. This is the second time I've made this tart but it is great for darker nights and a proper dinner party- which we happened to be having the day I made it.

To make the pastry you will need:
125g of butter
100g of icing sugar
a pinch of salt
250g of plain flour
seeds from 1/2 a vanilla pod
zest of half a lemon
2 egg yolks
2-4 tbsp of cold milk

I did this in the food processor for a change because we had LOADS to do that day but this can be done equally well (if not in more time) by hand.

Cream together the butter, icing sugar and salt together (until it is smooth) then pulse (rub) in the flour. Add the egg yolks, lemon zest and vanilla seeds into the flour and rub together (pulse in the mixer) until it forms breadcrumbs. You should then add the milk gradually patting the dough together until it forms a ball. You should do this with as little movement as possible which will make it flaky and short (won't be chewy).

Roll the pastry into a fat sausage, wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge for at least an hour.

You should then slice the sausage into thin slivers and place these in your pre greased tart mould. Push the ovals together gently with the tips of your fingers until it is all covered and trim the edges with a knife to clean it up. Oh there should be some spare pastry left for the lattice on the top (I forgot about this...).

Cover the whole tart with cling film (or baking paper) and fill with ceramic weights. You should then bake the pastry blind in a pre heated oven at 180° for about 15 minutes. 

For the filling you will need:
250g of ricotta cheese
250g of mascarpone 
150g of icing sugar
zest of three oranges
seeds from two vanilla pods
2 eggs separated
100g of dark chocolate (chopped)
1 egg beaten

This bit is super easy! Just whip together the ricotta, mascarpone sugar, orange, zest vanilla seeds and egg YOLKS. In a separate bowl whip the egg WHITES together until they are stiff- you will know that you've gone far enough when you hold the bowl upside down and the eggs stay put. Gently fold the whites into the main mixture. 

Pour this mixture into the cool tart shell and then sprinkle the chopped chocolate. You should then roll the extra pastry into long thin strips and lay these on top the tart. There should be seven strips one way and seven the other way (yeah you can see now I didn't have enough). You should then brush the beaten egg over the pastry to make it shine!

It should be baked in an oven at 170° for 40-45 minutes. There you are- quite easy yes? Would love to know if you guys attempt this- it is really really delicious! 

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  1. This sounds so lovely and your instructions make it look so easy! xx

  2. Looks delicious - Chocolate & Orange are two words that I think belong together :)
    Oh Hey Kayspray! xx


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