My week in pictures #49

Sunday, January 5

(From top left) The bird table I got for my 3rd birthday had to go on the fire it was so rotten- felt emotional... Put up my Where's wally calendar for 2014. The first company of the year arrived and it is the Paris issue! All the Christmas tree decorations came down this afternoon. First selfie of the year before we left for my uncles party. Made my thank you cards although they are still to be sent out. We went to see the hobbit on hogmanay. MY AUNTY GOT ME A CHARLIE BEAR FOR MY CHRISTMAS- meet tickle!!
Well that is the festive season well and truly over- didn't it pass quickly? This morning we took our Christmas tree down which I always find a sad process. This has been another one of those weeks when last Sunday feels like a month ago. I am trying to think what I have been doing recently but it isn't easy. On hogmanay I went to the cinema with mum and dad to see the hobbit which was great and we arrived home in time for dinner before the bells. Mum and I stayed up tip 4am watching 2013 Glastonbury highlights so nothing particularly exciting. On the 1st we went to my aunty and uncles for a little party- we got every year! The whole of my mums family were there and it was nice to see everyone together. I have an outfit post planned for Tuesday to show you what I wore. 

The only other main activity this week has been visiting my other aunty and uncle in Perth. She has just had a hip operation so it was good to see her recovering. We just spent hours in their house chatting (and arguing) in front of the fire. She also told me to expect something in the post so when I got home I checked the box and there was only a few boring letters. Things never arrive when I want them too!! However, this morning we were all tidying around the house and putting things in the shed and dad came in with a parcel for me. I exactly ripped open the box and look who I found inside!! His name is tickle and he is in bed beside me now. Isn't he just the sweetest bear you've ever seen- I think I'm in love. I know I'm 18 and my favourite Christmas present is a bear...

I hope you've all had a good weekend as things return to normal now.

P.s What do you think of my slightly revamped layout? If you want think back to the mismatching colours from before I hope you appreciate the difference as much as I do.

I also wonder what you thought of my five posts this past week? Rather a lot I know but the end of year reviews and Christmas posts gave me a lot of material.


  1. I love pink and green together so I think the layout is super cute! Your Hogmanay sounds more exciting than mine - both my parents went to bed straight after the bells/fireworks. I ended up watching Adventure Time on my own with champagne until about 3 AM. Hah!

  2. I really like the thank you cards you made, they look really professional! I didn't reallise you'd made them till I read the caption :) Loving the new layout, though it's so sad your Christmas theme had to go :( That's January for you though. x

  3. Aww love your little bear, such a sweet present! You look so pretty in your selfie as well :) x

  4. I used to work in a gift shop and they had Charlie Bears, so precious they are i love them
    love victoriajanex


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