Dressed Up In Maroon, Knitwear and a Patterned Frock

Tuesday, February 4

Jumper: Primark | Dress: Primark |  Tights: Charnos* |  Boots: River Island |  Gillet: New Look
It's always a dilemma... What do you wear to the cinema when you are going to sit in the dark for three hours? I went to see the wolf of wall street on Sunday in afternoon with one of my guy friends. I wanted to look pretty and girly without being too dressed up. It is the third time this tea dress has featured on my blog because quite frankly I bloody love it! I am still very very tempted by a similar one on a different colour but then again I don't really need a new dress.

Looking back at these photos I really like the way the different shaded of maroon tie in together. Ideally I would have worn my black boots with the heel (because they are my favourite) but Scott isn't very tall and I didn't want to make him look small. The guy should always be taller right? or is that just me...

The final thing I've to mention is these tights- they aren't black for a change! I've been meaning to buy some grey ones for ages and when Charnos got in touch about giving them a go I jumped at the chance. Like most people I stick to what I know in tights- I know that Tesco medium will fit me but sometimes they aren't the best quality. These ones though have a really nice, high quality feel about them. I was a little unsure about the stripes but I think they look quite good in these pictures. All in all I think they are well worth the £8.00 they cost is well worth it. I have two other pairs to try so when I've decided how to style them I'm sure they will feature too!


  1. I love that colour, and it looks great with the tights! I think you need to get the other colour dress, when you find something that fits/ looks nice / is amazing then you should get every colour going and spares just in case :) xx

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love the way you styled that dress. It's perfect for a movie date.

  3. My girlfriend has that same rule that I always have to be taller so she's sometimes funny about wearing heels around me as we're almost the same height. It really doesn't bother me, I don't mind if a girl is taller than me to be honest. I'd say if you're both comfortable with it then don't worry about it took much. I liked the print on the dress, that was really nice.

    I read your about page as well and you mentioned you live in a beautiful house, have you got any posts featuring it?

  4. Maroon is such a perfect colour, and your dress looks so pretty! xo

  5. That gilet looks SO COSY. I love the colour of it too, so nice for a change from black and green that you usually see them in!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes


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