My week in pictures #53

Sunday, February 2

(From top left) My little access all asos gift. I made dog biscuits (recipe to follow later on this week). I finally finished the book thief... the ending was very sad. Today I went to see the wolf of wall street and it was bloody fantastic. Got two magazines this week- looking forward to catching up on the new seasons fashions. Received some lovely tights from charnos I've got one pair one now.
After this week I have a new resolution. I need to stop sitting around the house in my jammies on my laptop all day. It really isn't good for me mentally and is just making me lazy and unhappy. I have too many lazy days- hopefully my new uni course starting tomorrow will help to get me motivated. The most exciting thing to arrive this week was my ASOS insiders gift. Dinosaur cutters for a baking geology student- can you get more perfect? 

Today I went to the cinema with one of my guy friends and had the loveliest time! It has reminded me that I need to get out more and start seeing people again. When girl friends stab you in the back it is kinda hard to trust anyone and want to go out again. The wolf of wall street is a master piece- Leo is perfect!! It has A LOT of sex, drugs and swearing in it so maybe not for everyone but it is so well written and I enjoyed every minute. 

Currently out Internet is very very slow because we 'went over our download limit' What a nightmare!! I'm hating it but there isn't much we can do but hopefully I can keep blogging this week. I have a few things planned for you guys. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


  1. I really enjoyed Wolf of Wall Street but I see what you mean about it not being for everyone. When I went the cinema had quite a lot of old people who seemed very shocked by the amount of nudity and swearing! x

  2. Great choice with The Book Thief - it's certainly one of those reads that stay with you long pass finishing the last page.


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