My week in pictures #54

Sunday, February 9

From top left) My little blog reached 200 followers! Watched American Pie 1 & 2 again- such classic films. Mum and I watched ARGO on Monday night. Spent the day making a cable organiser for my desk drawer. Bought a new handbag from a charity shop. Todays lazy day outfit. I've read two Poirot books. Getting reading to watch the rugby yesterday- not a good show from Scotland though.
Struggling to think of something to say about this week. On Monday evening mum and I had a movie night and watched ARGO- it was very good film but very tense. I didn't know what was going to happen in the end. On Tuesday I went for a little walk in Carnoustie and bought a handbag in the charity shop there. I don't usually buy primark from a charity shop but for something that hasn't been used £2.50 was a bargain. It was a lovely sunny day too and I really enjoyed my wander.

Yesterday I was hoping Scotland would thrash England at the rugby but it wasn't our weekend. In fact we played awful I don't know why we were so sloppy. That was all my activity for the week really- I did some work for uni and read a couple of Poirot book as well as watching the Olympics (strange how much I enjoy different sports) the ski jumping is on at the moment. Today I went for a look in our local newlook with mum- didn't buy anything but I am beginning to regret not buying a dark blue skater skirt and a light blue pastel jumper... Maybe I will go back this week.

Once again I don't have anything planned for next week apart from my brother and dad are going away on Thursday night so hopefully it will mean a chilled movie night. Hope everyone has had a good weekend. 

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