Grunge Jeans and Aztec Print

Tuesday, March 4

Jumper: Primark | Top: M&S | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Newlook
These zara jeans new to me and I feel like I'm channeling my inner 'emo kid' which is always good? I like them equally as much as I do dressing in pretty floral dresses. The are super comfy if not a little too low rise for my body shape (forever pulling them up). You've seen this jumper on my blog several times already and it coming up to two years of having it in my wardrobe but I still love it. There is something about aztec print... 

I kept this outfit simple by wear my newlook sneakers- I was going shopping with my mum on Saturday and didn't want to have sore feet for walking around Dundee. This was all I needed to wear too- no jacket was necessary for me. Hopefully this means it starting to get warmer. I did think about accessories for this outfit but could decide on any so I went just like this. Would love to know which accessories you would have worn?

Hope all my readers are enjoying their pancakes today- I was thinking about doing a recipe post but I couldn't think of something original enough so have a look at my classic crepe recipe. It was posted on pancake day last year and only has 5 views- how far I've come!


  1. Your jeans are so form fitting! :) Great post


  2. Aah I love ZARA jeans - they always have a super fitting! The aztec print is great!
    Rathana xx

  3. This jumper is fab, love the aztec design! :) Tasha @

  4. Really like your sweater! The design is really nice! I haven't tried Zara jeans before but I do have a pair of jeans atm that I seem to have to keep pulling up too haha! I even have a belt for them(!) but they're not very co-operative lol nice colour though!! :)

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO


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