My week in pictures #59

Sunday, March 16

(From top left) My 2nd letter from my teenage bloggers pen pal, Aveen. We been looking after my neighbours dogs and cats- missing having a cat around. I've been addicted to series one of heroes- half way through already. Delicious lunch out at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. Participated in a protest march against canned lion hunting. Cheeky Saturday selfie before going to Edinburgh. 
Some times it is hard to think back on the previous week to write these posts but I still enjoy it. It was an assessment week for my uni module so I was trying to lots of revision for it. Luckily I well over prepared and got 9/10 (it was also very easy). The only reason I dropped a mark was I only ticked one answer and not two. Never thought I would be the type of person to get annoyed at getting only 90%.

The start of the week wasn't so great because I was so annoyed at not being able to see the few friends I thought were real. Everyone is so busy with work now and can't make time- luckily I've shaken that feeling off now. Hopefully going to have a movie night with my friend Scott in his newly refurbished living room soon.

Yesterday we headed off to Edinburgh for a protest march against canned lion hunting- if you want to know more have a look at the ScotBloggers post. It is something my mum feels very passionately about and I wanted to support her. I've got another post about it on Tuesday coming though. We also went for a walk around the Botanic Gardens and then had lunch there. I had the same as I did last time (grilled chicken on a herb focaccia) because it was so delicious. We also went to ikea on the way home but I only got some 95p candles (hmm vanilla) and some skirt hangers- why do we never have enough? 

I hope everyone has had as good a weekend as me! This time next week I will writing this post as a 19 year old- it's only 5 days until my birthday!! The week in pictures post might come on Monday though because I'm having my family over for lunch on the Sunday.


  1. That burger looks so yummy! Need to visit the Botanics again next time I'm back in Edinburgh :)!

    Kelly xx

  2. Great photo's!!

    Have you heard they're revamping heroes and bringing it out again next year!/?

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  3. Love the photos! Only saw the photo of my letter now, oops. Brilliant post xx


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