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Wednesday, April 30

The wee blondie is written by a fellow scottish blogger, Judith, from Aberdeen where she is studying at university. Her passion for fashion and beauty are reflected in her well written posts. This past month I've particularly enjoyed her Gingham Co-ords outfit and the post she wrote about her new iPhone cases from Sighh Designs. If you are looking for a genuine, down to earth blogger give the wee blondie a visit and maybe even a follow too!

If you are anything like me you'll always be looking for new apps to try out on your phone- so have you downloaded shuttersong yet? It allows you combine your photos with sound and music. I can think of so many occasions where this would be a really great memory to have. You can share your shuttersongs to your public feed as well as twitter and Facebook. You can also add them to texts, emails and blog posts. If you've already downloaded this app I'd love to know what you think below so leave me a comment. 

The money shed started up this year as an online forum to help others find different ways of making a little extra cash and share advice on saving money. At the start of april they reached 200 members and new discussions come up on their boards every week such as Earning Money Online and Money Saving Tips. Everyone is really friendly over there and you should really consider signing up! There is even a bit about making money from blogging!

I still have a few ad spaces left for May so please get in touch- if you want more information have a look at the tab along the top or if you email me at gisforgingers@hotmail.com and I will send you my full information pack!  

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