My week in pictures #64

Sunday, April 20

(From top left) Finished the last in the series of ... this week. Pretty daffodils in the garden reached their peak. Had time to kill at my aunties so curled my hair for no reason. Sandwiches and chips when we went out for lunch while shopping. Finally bought a pair of black shoes with a very low black heel. After a whole year of my old one I finally got a new phone case. My only Easter egg... sucks growing up. Put on a nice summery dress today for just being in the house and garden.
This week it finally feels like the weather is warming up in Scotland- we've had two very reasonable days and today i decided to put on a summer dress which was nice. Having spent only three days at home with my family doing not very much I was getting kind of fed up so on Wednesday I hopped on the train down to Perth to visit my aunt and uncle. As usual my aunty and I spent the three and a bit days I was down their shopping. I finally had the chance to get into town and have my eyebrows done and have a look around primark (with a view to buy things again in the future). We also went to TK Maxx, Matalan and a bit of charity shop shopping. The only thing I did purchase was these cute black shoes. I've never had a pair of flat ones in my wardrobe because I find the slightly uncomfortable but these have a low black heel and I'm sure I will get plenty wear out of them. I was pretty impressed with Matalan's spring stock at the moment too.

After getting home about 4pm on Saturday night the boyfriend came and got me. We had a wee walk with my dogs before going to his house- we had a Chinese in front of the tv which was nice and casual. I am hopeless at leaving and didn't get home until after 12.

3/5 things I had one ebay the past week sold for very low prices but I was willing to take the risk- if you have any tips for selling on ebay please let me know below. There are still some things on my ASOS marketplace site so check that out too and make me an offer!! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend and is nice and relaxed. I'm looking forward to getting back to some uni work next week.


  1. Happy Easter looks like a gun week Lucy x

  2. Happy easter I love your skirt so pretty, I didnt get any eggs this year hahah xxx


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