My week in pictures #65

Sunday, April 27

(From top left) Late birthday presents from my falkirk aunt and uncle. This months company arrived- can't wait to start getting into it. My wee blog reached 100 GFC followers this week- also hit 250 BL followers so I feel super proud. The cutest socks* I've ever owned courtesy of Chatty Feet. Sunny selfie sitting in the park on Monday. Delicious burger at T.G.I Friday's yesterday lunch.
This past week I've been doing a lot of thinking about how much my life has changed in the past few months. Since leaving school (and falling out with most of my girl friends) I could go a whole 7 days without leaving the house. It didn't exactly upset me but I knew it wasn't healthy. My boyfriend Scott has managed to change all that though and I can't thank him enough. He has given me the motivation to leave the house even if I might rather be lazy and stay home.

This week has been quite a busy one too! I've been completing uni work as I'm now in the last couple of weeks of my course. On Monday afternoon my folks gave me a lift into town because I needed to go to the bank and post office. Unfortunately they were both closed and I had 2 hours to kill. I spent a lot of it in the park eating my kinder eggs (and collecting the princesses of course). I also saw my boyf's car sitting in the car park so left him a cute message. On Wednesday I went to meet Scott from the train and he cooked dinner for me (which was very nice) and we sat watching the TV and I didn't get home til midnight... oops!! 

On Friday mum and dad took the day off work and we went down to falkirk to visit my gran. You might have seen my outfit post here. We just helped her with some house and garden jobs she needed doing and we all went out for lunch. Stupidly I eat WAY to much and felt quite ill for the rest of the day. 

On Saturday Scott and I drove up to Aberdeen in the most horrible fog to go shopping. He needed some things for his holiday (he is ditching me for Tenerife next week) and I'm more than happy to tag along and look at the shops. He treated my to lunch at T.G.I Friday's and when I eventually got home after stopping off at his place I had the most amazing day and felt so loved!! 

The final thing I want to point out are these super cute and original socks from Chatty Feet. They were kind enough to send me over 'Yoko Mono' are isn't she lovely? We all know someone that loves funky socks and these would make the perfect gifts. They are bound to get compliments every time someone sees them and I can't wait to wear them out- not to mention that 'new sock' feel (who doesn't love that?)

Hope everyone has had as great a weekend as I have! I'm away to catch up on my blog reading now. 

P.s. Its come to that time of month where I'm looking to renew my advertising so if you would be interested for £2 a month send me a quick email at and I'll send you over all the info.

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  1. Those socks are so cute! Certainly sounds like a busy week with all the driving around!


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