G is for Ginger's Bedroom Interiors

Tuesday, May 13

A random view of my bedroom ceiling from my bed- I have the most beautiful curved wooden roof.

After the success of my wardrobe post back in January I've been wanting to share the rest of my bedroom decor with you. Yesterday I got this really cute white bedside table from Tesco direct so I thought it would be a perfect time to take some photos. I am generally a well organised and tidy person so this is what it looks like most of the time (apart from when I'm rushing out but what girl can keep it tidy then?). I am really lucky to have such a big, beautiful room with a high, curved wooden ceiling- its a shame photos won't do it justice. 

A lot of my bits and pieces are still quite childish but now I'm attached to them I wouldn't have it any other way. I love making photos collages and have six on my walls as well as individual photos. I also love art and have some prints too. My favourite is a huge poster of picasso's 'Weeping Woman' (only just noticed it doesn't feature in these pictures... it is above the white shelf) which I have loved since a holiday to London when I was a kid. 

The majority of my furniture is of the flat pack Swedish variety from Ikea. I've been slightly going for a red theme with my curtains and desk but everything else is to colourful to generalise. I'm always trying to make sure everything in my room has its place although this is hard sometimes- my DSLR just moves around when it gets in the way. One of the things about leaving home that always terrifies me is leaving such a great space! This is my sanctuary and everything has its place- I know uni accommodation could never feel like home. 

My 'dressing table' is a favourite item of mine! When I saw it in the Ikea catalogue I just wanted it to be in my room. It takes up so little space which is handy in a room already filled and getting ready, doing my hair and makeup, is really easy standing up so it makes more sense the table and mirror are high up.

I've hoped most of the pictures would do the talking in this post but if you have any questions please just ask! I'm always looking for new ideas for posts so if you would like to see something similar to this and my wardrobe post please drop me a comment. Also if you've done a post like this please leave the link too- I would love a nosey.


  1. I love seeing people's homes as I'm nosy like that :D! You do have a very unusual ceiling, makes a change from the big standard white ones that I've encountered over the years. Your room looks quite big in these pics so I think when you get to the halls of residence you will be in for a shock! Unless they have changed a great deal since I last saw them then it's a single bed, desk, wardrobe and sink.

    Thanks for sharing!

    The Life of Dee

  2. What a lovely space looks so nice and creative xx

  3. Ooh love this type of post. I did one about my dressing table, but not done the whole room. Might have to write one... maybe after I've tided! I adore that red desk!


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