My week in pictures #68

Sunday, May 18

(From top left) My new bedside table arrived on monday evening- so pleased with it. Burgers are the perfect way to enjoy a heatwave (or as close as we get in Scotland). My mums birthday present and card. Smiley selfie on a very sunny day. My new She Inside dress- not sure if I'm going to keep it yet (its different from the picture). A small haul today from shopping with my boyfriend.
Scott keeps taking up my time on Sundays and these week in pictures posts are getting harder and harder. Last night he text me asking if I wanted to go shopping and our for lunch- could I turn down an offer like that? So today we spent a good long time in the shops looking for some basic white tops to wear with patterned bottoms and failed miserably. I did get a dress with giraffes on it for only £5!! He took me to the DCA for lunch and we had a lovely time. I love how he has just fitted right into my life and gets on so well with my family.

This week didn't start so well after having to go to a funeral of a very dear and old family member. He lived a full and busy life so it was nice to remember all that. Monday also marked my mums birthday which we celebrated the best we could. I also finally got a new bedside table so on Tuesday I decided to take pictures for a sneak peek into my bedroom post which you can see here. Thursday was spent cooking stir-fry and chilling at Scotts house. 

This week also marks the end of my uni course and all fingers are crossed I will get a good enough mark so I can move down in september and study geology full time. I got 100 percent on the multiple choice so thats 22/40 marks so once the written questions are marked I know if I will get the other 18 marks. I'm feeling quietly confident though so hopefully things will be okay.

Still feeling on top of the world about spending such a lovely day with the boyfriend (I hope this feeling never goes away) so I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Keep in touch with what I'm up to on Twitter and Instagram.

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