Cream Daisy Embroidery Vest on a Sunny Day

Tuesday, June 17

Top: New Look | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: New Look | Bracelet: New Look 
This is one of the pretty tops my Grandma bought me last week when we were out shopping. They don't seem to have it online anymore but if you have a look in store they might have some left. I thought it was so simply beautiful by its self I just faired it with my skinny jeans and some flower themed jewellery. I have lots of other ideas to style this top so I'm sure it will get lots of wear during the summer months. 

It has been on my mind recently that I will need to purchase a new pair of jeans. I think I've had this H&M pair for three years and they've worn really well so I might go back there. The hassle of trying on and finding a pair that fit me is quite daunting though- where do you go for jeans? 

Today I got some really really good news! I've made my conditions for the University of Aberdeen so as of September I will be a full time geology student. Relief and excitement washed over me all at the same time. 

I hope you've enjoyed todays simple outfit post- please let me know below. I always value your feedback as I want my blog to continue to improve and grow. 


  1. Your hair looks so pretty there, especially on the 6th picture xx Hmm...Is that a hair post I sense coming on!

  2. Gorgeous photos!
    Your hair is fab

    love victoriajanex

  3. Cute top! I like tht you paired it with flower jewelry to match.

    Congrats on the grade! :D

  4. I love this outfit - simple but cute!

    I used to buy my jeans from all over (Primark, H&M, Next, New Look) but then I discovered Topshop Leigh jeans at the start of this year and can't imagine buying any others! No other jeans seem to fit me as well and they don't lose their stretch like I've found other jeans do.

    Big congrats on your uni news as well!


  5. Great news about Uni !. How exciting , Congrats x
    Also you look fab doll. The top is perfect for summer, looks great on you too x

    Cait ||

  6. Ooh I love this!!! So pretty! It would most definitely have made my white list :)

    Congrats on your uni place!! That's so exciting! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion


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