My week in pictures #71

Sunday, June 8

(From top left) Sunday has been another glorious day so I went out for an hour on my bike. Started watching Heroes season 2 because who doesn't love a box set. Saturday night Scott and I went to see Jimmy Carr live in Aberdeen with one of his friends. My grandma treated me to a few things in Perth on Friday (they are bound to turn up in outfit photos soon). Smiles before seeing Jimmy Carr- which latest all night. Huge carvery lunch on Friday with my Grandma and big cousin.
Thinking of things to write this week I realise I've not done very much. Apart from seeing Scott on Wednesday everything that I did happened at the weekend. There was rain again this week so my boyfriend and I were confined to the house again. We made baked potatoes for tea and watched taggart which sounds like a pretty perfect evening in to me. 

On Friday I went to meet my Grandma in Perth for some lunch and shopping. I found out my big cousin was coming too which turned out to be really nice. We went to 'Small Talks' off the train for a snack (well soup and a cake) as well as a cup of tea to refresh. After that we went into some shops including new look and primark where I was treated to a few new things. After we went to the isle of sky hotel for a carvery lunch. Once we had stuffed ourselves we went back to the train station via M&S to get some flowers for my mum. 

Saturday morning started off with three hours gardening (three hours more than last year anyway). Mum was really grateful for my help and we cleared LOADS of weeds from the drive way. At tea time I went round to Scotts again because we were meeting a friend of his and going to see Jimmy Carr live at the music hall in Aberdeen. I'm a huge fan of 8 out of 10 cats and he didn't disappoint one bit. It was hilarious but the night passed WAY to quickly. We headed to KFC before coming home. I had a really great night!!

Today has been good weather again (third day in a row there is defiantly something weird going on) so I decided to go out on my bike for an hour. The rest of my day has been spent pretty lazily in the garden- taking photos of butterflies, having lunch, enjoying a cider or two etc. The house in boiling but I'm trying not to get to much sun after being really badly sun burnt yesterday.

Hope everyone has had as good a weekend as I have!! I have two outfit posts ready for next week so before then please give me a follow on bloglovin'


  1. Did you enjoy Jimmy Carr?

    I remember watching Heroes but I never watched until the end. I'l going to go and look up how it all ended!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  2. I'm really getting into gardening but still can't imagine doing three hours of it!


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