My week in pictures #74

Sunday, June 29

(From top left) Family chippy tea on Friday night. Watched Now You See Me- it was pretty good too. Scotts flat all decorated for his birthday by his parents. Scotts birthday presents all ready and wrapped. Post dinner with Scotts parents- looking very happy. My official certificate of acceptance from Aberdeen arrived.
On Thursday Scotts 21st finally arrived. I have been excited all month (probably more excited than he was) however the evening totally lived up to expectations. After a stressful afternoon of getting ready with a migraine I finally arrived at him house to give him his birthday presents. He loved the photo frame filled with photos so I was chuffed. We then went to met his parents for tea followed by a few drinks at the pub. It was a lovely evening and you can see what I wore here. 

On Friday night my aunty and uncle came round a brought a chippy for tea. Nothing like something unhealthy to fill you up. We caught up on everything that had been happening. I was shattered though after staying up so late the night before I was happy to retire to bed and watch a movie. 

Saturday I finally got my hair cut and by chance saw the queens baton relay. The rest of the day was spent getting ready to go out partying for Scotts birthday. Being quite keen to get really drunk for the first time in ages I excelled myself! I can barely remember what happened... Scott had to tie my converses before we went out (be banned me from putting on heels), I hit my ex and feel into Scott smashed his glass and cut my hand (there was a lot of blood). 

Needless to say all of today was spent in bed with me feeling like shit. I can't boast about never having been sick because of alcohol anymore. I've started watching Game of Thrones season 2 and have seen over half of it now. 


  1. Wow, sounds like an eventful night out! Hope you're feeling better now and your hand heals fast! I think it's cute that your boyfriend tied your shoes for you, aw.

    At least you got some quality television time. :)

  2. I am exactly the same if I haven't drunk in a while, hope your hand gets better and the hangover wasn't too bad! Game of Thrones season 2 is the best one, you're so lucky! I need to catch up on s4 so badly :) X

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