My week in pictures #75

Sunday, July 6

(From Top Left) I made my wee cousin a Toy Story Woody themed card (as if you couldn't tell). My boyf is defiantly a potential outfit photographer- out on a walk on Tuesday evening. A cheeky Frankie & Bennys on Thursday with Scott. I went to my first Aberdeen game on Thursday too (actually the first time I've seen a football game all the way through). A beautiful bracelet* I received this week from Wear Eponymous this week- hopefully I will work it into an outfit post soon. I watched the wolverine this weekend. Finished the 3rd book in the Game of Thrones series; everyone loves a good plot twist. Lying in the garden today and the sky was so clear and blue (for a wee while anyways).
Well last weekend seems like months ago. I have done plenty this week as well as not doing very much... does that make sense? The only thing that I completed on Monday was this birthday card for my little cousin. It is pretty good though so I suppose I can say afternoon well spent? On Tuesday I went into town to meet Scott. We walked along to the lighthouse together in the sunshine and took pictures. I really like this one of me and it defiantly shows his potential as an outfit photographer- I just need to build up my confidence. We went home to his and made tacos for dinner and then watched more Hells Kitchen (it's our series at the moment). 

For some reason on Thursday I volunteered to go to the Football and it is a sport I really don't like. Scott however is a big Aberdeen fan and had tickets but no one to go with. Surely it is a girlfriends responsibility to go? He treated me to dinner at Frankie & Bennys first and we had a lovely evening. It really shows you can put up with anything with the right man. Aberdeen won and it was kinda exciting to be there and see it live. 

Apart from that and being around the house I haven't done much this week. Scott came round again today for lunch and we took the dogs for a walk in the sun. We were also making plans for T in the Park next weekend which has got me very excited. I am thinking about doing a festival Q&A post so if you have any questions for me please leave them below. 

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  1. Great card!!!, I could eat that hotdog and fries right now:P, yeah I know what you mean about building up your confidence when taking pics. It always takes me a little while to relax before I get some good shots, but I find that people will stand and watch you, or walk by just as you have struck a good pose, and they completely put you off! I try and block them out now, or wait for them to get bored and move on. :D

  2. Love your outfit in the top right :)
    Sounds like you had a fabulous time - I love lighthouses :)

    Style Sunrise


  3. Love the black and white top you're wearing! It's super cute. Looks like you had a great week! Thanks for sharing your link with me on twitter, I'm following you on BL now :) xx

    Jasmin Charlotte


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