My week in pictures #86

Sunday, September 21

(From top left) I found my chemistry textbook in a secondhand shop for only £15 saving me £30. Also purchased a lab coat for chemistry practical which I look very hot in (I'm sure there will be a lab coat selfie on Instagram soon). After becoming more and more positive about a yes vote I was very disappointed to hear the results - at the moment I feel quite scared for Scotland's future. My daily walk to university through the park doesn't have bad views. Home at the weekend so I made my parents a tart titan for a treat. Also been utilising the free printing from my parents printer. 
I'm refusing to be one of these bloggers who is constantly apologising for not blogging but I will say taking pictures when living in university halls in bloody difficult. Hopefully things will return to normal now I've stocked up some photos.

This has been my first week of uni lectures which has been both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I will have mondays off for the whole of this semester but on Tuesday I got a taste of 3/4 of my courses which was really good. I can tell I'm gonna enjoy all of them. Apart from getting used to university life I've not done much else. I still feel like I'm recovering from freshers week so I had a lot of early nights and caught up on TV series I love. I also managed to visit the new swimming pool at Aberdeen Sports Village - I've never been closer to a panic attack in my life (I wish I was exaggerating) because I am scared of deep water and swimming pools but after a few lengths I got my breathing under control and really enjoyed it. 

Friday night I headed back to my home town to spend some much needed quality time with my boyfriend. We had a delicious piri piri chicken and rice dinner and watch a James Bond film. We also watched a load of shit on the TV... oops! I was so tired that I don't think I fully enjoyed our time together. On Saturday morning we had breakfast and he drove me home.

Being at home again is so nice - I can actually use the washing machine and hang my clothes outside which I'm loving. I've just spend a lot of time sitting chatting with my parents. I've a lot taken some outfit pictures which I hope will keep me going for a week or two. There is no place like home (your own bed) and blogging in front of the fire which is currently amazing. 

Tomorrow I'm going to head back to Aberdeen in the afternoon and get stuck back into my studies. Hope everyone else has had a good week too! 

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  1. it's ok life sometime gets in the way of blogging but glad you're focusing on uni


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