University Kitchenware Haul

Thursday, September 25

One of the most exciting things about moving into your own place, be it a flat or university halls, is buying your own homeware - well maybe this is just me. I love reading hauls so this post is long over due. At the moment I'm constantly adding to the things I brought with me - soon I'll need double the amount of space to take it home again. I hope this post will give you an idea of the things you might need to take.

Glasses: Ikea 1,2,3 Mugs: Cath Kidston (via TK Maxx)
I basically went to ikea and pick out my favourite glasses from home - drinking juice by the pint is the way forward. These flamingo glasses were irritable and are the perfect size for a cheeky vodka and lemonade. Which blogger can't resist cath kidston? These cups are just perfect for me.

Plates: TK Maxx | Breakfast Set: TK Maxx | Bowls: Ikea
All my life my parents only buy white plates so bright colours were a priority. These are all from TK Maxx because their kitchenware section was just on point. Sadly you can see a little ware on the striped plates already but maybe thats just us being rough in the washing.

I couldn't even begin to write a list of where all these utensils came from but they were mostly bargains shops like Home Bargains and poundland. This is just a selection of the things I've got with me but I've been using them all so it was worth it.

Even more cooking things - I'm not the type of person who would eat ready meals all the time all the time so all these things have been really useful. I've not had the chance to bake yet but hopefully I will get some inspiration in the next few days. I've got all the stuff with me after all.

I'm very lucky that our kitchen has loads of storage space in it so I've been able to fit all my things in a cupboards and two drawers. I have another small cupboard for food storage too.

I would love to know if there are any other university related posts you would like to see - leave me a comment!


  1. I have the flamingo glasses from Ikea, I love them <3

  2. This all looks gorgeous! I love buying home stuff for going back to university and you've chosen some lovely picks! I hope it all goes well :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  3. love how prepared you are for your first year! wahoo

  4. Completely agree, this is the most exciting part of uni life haha! I have said it before but those flamingo glasses are the cutest!! xxx


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