Friday, October 24

Hair Styles with Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

If you've been following my blog for any time then you'll know I'm not adventurous with my hair - I straighten or curl it but thats about all. A few weeks ago now stone bridge contacted me about reviewing a few of their accessories and I jumped at the chance. They sent me these two beautiful clips - the Rectangle Large Claw in ember and Liberty Large Barrette.

Liberty Large Barrette
This one is so me - who doesn't love a cute floral print? For this look I styled it as simply as I could and gathered the top section of my hair and clipped it at the back. I've often done this sort of look with just a bobble but this barrette makes it look much cuter. You could do this look equally well even if you have quite short hair. 

Rectangle Large Claw 
This look took a bit more thought (and youtube searching) but I finally came up with this 'bun style' up-do. This clip is good and chunky which would make it perfect for thicker or curly hair. All I did was hold my hair in a rough low pony tail, twisted the end and wrapped it round to a bun shape. You can put the clip wherever is best to hold your own hair. I also twisted back my fringe to make everything look tidier.

I am by no means a beauty blogger or any good with hair for that matter but I hope you've enjoyed these two styles. Please check out Stone Bridge too because they have lots of other very pretty accessories for your hair. Did I mention they also arrived in a lovely wrapped box surrounded in tissue paper? A really great touch!


  1. i love the barrette! your hair looks lovely. ever thought about dyeing it another colour or going short?

  2. Hey Claire thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! We can go for coffee sometime if you like?
    P.S: Check my blog you have been nominated in a fun challenge

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