My week in pictures #88

Sunday, October 5

(From top left) Went to the football on Tuesday night to see Aberdeen FC draw against St. Mirren - not happy at all about the result. The seals on the Ythan Estuary during a field trip (you can see the post here). Arrived home this friday to find lots of reading material waiting for me. Shopping with mum on Saturday resulted in some cheeky primark purchases - I'm in love with this tartan blanket scarf. Shopping isn't complete without a KFC. Just been making curry for tea on night this week. 
Another week that has been full of activity from going to the football, my first field trip of the year to shopping with my mum. Tuesday is a crazily busy day at uni with many hours spent in the libabry and a three hour geology practical so I was so glad to get back to the flat where Scott was meeting me. The football was disappointing but we went for a KFC afterwards and stayed up half the night talking which made up for it. 

On Wednesday morning we went on a field trip to the Ythan Estuary which was much better than expected - you can read the post I wrote about it here. After staying up so late the night before I was pretty glad to get back for a quick rest before another practical. 

Since my two going out buddies Gemma and Eilidh were going home this weekend I decided that I would too. After feeling so unwell with the cold it is good to be surrounded with familiar things (and not have to make an effort with food). Mum wanted to get something for Dundee so on Saturday morning we headed off to the shops. Sunday has been a lazy day although I have had a bath, taken outfit pictures and made a curry so it hasn't been unproductive! 

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend now it is coming to an end. I'm going to be going out again soon to give my brother a lift to my aunty and uncles. 

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  1. Looks like you had a great week!! That two food pictures at the bottom are making me hungry!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. look like you've had an amazing week. the scarf and skirt are so pretty


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