My week in pictures #89

Monday, October 13

(From top left) I've finally started the process for my first UK passport after 19 years!!! Attempted red velvet cupcakes on Wednesday - they didn't turn out so red but they were still delicious! Turkey, potatoes and veg for tea like the healthy student I am (I thought it looked good). Made a collage from lots of photos during freshers for our flats wall. Went to the pub to watch the Scotland game on Saturday with my boyfriend and his parents - they football was dull but the company wasn't. A delicious cajun chicken dinner at Scotts on Sunday.
I'm sorry that a lot of these photos are from my instagram for this weeks post - I seem to be out of the habit of taking photos for this post. The past week has dragged with a few very stressful things happening, late nights and very little sleep. Thankfully I managed to get my uni work under control though and the thought of seeing Scott of Friday kept me going. I tried a little baking to calm myself down and have done lots of cooking too - can you tell?

On Friday night we headed into town again after a few drinks at the flat. After being here for over a month we finally got our first flat pictures which was nice - I will be able to add it to the collage now. I had a few to many really but we headed home quite a bit earlier than normal too which is always a bonus when your so tired. 

After waking up feeling really shit on Saturday I made it to see Scott and his folks for a few drinks and to watch the football. His folks are always so lovely to me and some how managed to get me drunk (it doesn't take much). We staggered home and cooked meatballs and spaghetti - which was interesting but tasted delicious. Sunday was spent lazily in bed. We watched 'We Are The Millers' which is so cringe I'm not sure I liked it. It was great to have two early nights with Scott. I feel so refreshed!!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, looks like you've had an awesome week! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Red velvet cake is my weakness! wouldn't mind a step by step with pics of how you make them, so I could try!

  3. food looks yummy! nice post


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